Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015 -- Week #15 - Day #104 - San Pedro Sula

May 31, 2015

Hi! Me again :)
10:04 pm
6 investigators came to church! And 3 less-actives were visiting!  Yay!  Today was pretty awesome, since it was 5th Sunday we watched parts of the presentation from 12 Apostles in relation to the training for General Conference and the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy, so that was really interesting. Like the messages we heard in General Conference in April, the themes of the family and the church were heavily stressed in regards as to how we should prepare for and approach the Day of the Lord and the Sacrament.

On a secular side note, Dr. Cragun and his wife, Sister Cragun finished their mission earlier this month, so we´re in limbo as we wait for the new doctor to start in early June, I think. We can still contact Dr. Cragun, but it´s a little more hit'and'miss than it was before. So that´s pretty fun, Hna Robles and Hna Dester are taking the brunt of the impact on this one. Gotta love changes, right?

And we were teaching a lady today who has a grandson who reminded me so much of Stryker, made me miss home and playing with kiddos for just a moment. His name is Axel, and he´s about 3 years old, he has the same facial expressions-structure and questioning voice and enthusiastic mannerisms as little Stryker, and is a little cutie. He was really interested in finding sticks to whack together and was also trying to figure out how to kick the soccer ball in the goal like his dad was doing, he actually was really close a few times. They definitely start the soccer thing early, that´s for sure.

So that was a fun day, and tomorrow's Pday!  Laundry, cleaning, shopping, writing to families, we have 2 NDH planned for tomorrow night, hopefully those go well.

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