Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 -- Week #13 - Day #86 - San Pedro Sula

May 13, 2015

10:12 pm
Some talks from Personal Study today in the October 2014 Liahona:
The Prayer of Faith - Elder Henry B. Eyring
Upon the Top of the Waters - Jon Warner
He Loves You - Alice Victoria Weston-Sherwood
Today's topic seemed to be the prayer in faith for an answer during a hard time in your life. It's always fun to figure out the connection between what stood out to you every day in your studies. I figure there's a lot of people who are going through some sort of thing in their lives that requires whatever degree of faith and reliance on the knowledge of the Lord, might as well give some reference material that stood out to me today.

And also, Hno Halsey passed away last night, we got the news early this morning. He's the dear person that was baptized and confirmed about 2 weeks ago. He had a lot of challenges with his health, and in spite of them he made the decision to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and was faithful in all things until the end of his time on earth. He died of a health complication after being hospitalized Monday night. So today we went and visited his family, and will go tomorrow morning to the church to have the eulogy part, and then we'll leave the family to have the burial.
Hno Halsey at his baptism

So, sorry to toss that on you guys, but I thought it would help illustrate that the people in Honduras as just as real as the people in the States, and in fact everyone is a child of God that has trials and families and happiness and sadness and everything that we experience ourselves. And you know what? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is also the same wherever you go. Whether we teach the "Plan of Salvation" in Spanish or English, it is the same. And I know without a doubt that there is a perfect plan from our loving Heavenly Father for His children for our benefit and comfort to know about, and that death is not the end of all things. Our spirits live. We will again receive a body, glorified and in its perfect form, and we will never suffer physical death again, in all eternity. And we will live with our families and friends and loved ones.

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