Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 -- Week #11 - Day #71 - San Pedro Sula

April 28, 2015
9:47 pm
Today hit 104 degrees Fahrenheit and was quite warm, to say the least.  I think it's safe for you guys to assume that it is always hot, unless otherwise dictated, but today was really hot. And humid. But that's a given as well. Got some constant Girl's Camp climate action happening down here. But it's all good, sometimes we buy cold water and chocolate as we're roaming our territory, so that's really nice.
Today... we met a lot of really interesting people that had some really interesting ideas of how the world worked and how we should have religion in our lives, a lot of naked kiddos running around (it's hot, remember?), and evaded a lot of really fast cars as we were crossing streets. Quite the eventful day. My feet are quite tired, and Hna Robles suggested freezing a water bottle and then rolling it under my bare feet as we plan etc, at the end of the day... definitely gonna try that tomorrow and give y'all the progress report.
Poor Hna Robles didn't sleep very well last night due to being hot (and she had 2 of our 3 fans on her too, sweet girl) and her back has been hurting the past few days, and my legs and feet are so tired at the end of the day, and then the tendons and ligaments seem to stiffen up a little during the night, so they don't really want to work in the mornings. But there are times when we don't hurt, so that's nice, it helps to sit or lay down for a few minutes during lunch or after planning... we make things work.
I have news to report to the public: E Santiago can make a cricket chirp noise, and it is so cool. I can't even whistle (I've been practicing, and it seems to be a lost cause so far) and I envy his talent. He finishes his mission after this change, didn't know that until last week. Crazy. We have a lot of people leaving in the next 2 weeks, and our mission is full of newer missionaries. It's amazing it all keeps functioning.
Also, interesting fact, in the Spanish "Law of Chastity" pamphlet, towards the end, there's a picture of a family on a beach, and the dad was the missionary that baptized one of our less-actives that we're visiting. How neat is that? Pretty small world, if ya ask me. It's gonna be so cool to see all the little connections we had with people after this life... you usually don't know what effect you've had on most people during your time here on earth. Interesting to think about.

In some events of today, one lady asked me which salon I got my eyebrows done in, and then was amazed that I just do them in the house, by myself, with tweezers, and that it doesn't really hurt. Miraculous, I know. And some guy asked me what "bolo" was in English, which in fact means drunk, as in with alcohol.  And another guy who was actually quite amicable (is that a word in English?  in Spanish it's amigable... my poor brain) took an exorbitant (can't remember how to spell that either) amount of time to assure us that anything outside of what's written in the Bible is not true doctrine, and therefore he would go home and look for the name of Joseph Smith being a prophet of God, in the Bible, but since he would not be able to find it, he just couldn't accept our message. But he was very respectful about it at the same time and made sure we knew that only through Jesus Christ we can be saved, etc... interesting mentality.  click:  Mosiah 3:17

But yeah, got chocolate topo gigios later on today, and they were wonderful. And what else... we have MS18 and 13 here, like E Oldham does in El Salvador, but I haven't had any contact with them, nor do I want to. They came up in a conversation we were having with a lady because I think her cousin or someone got involved with them, or something of the sort. Either way, they're bad news.
And also the power went out during today as well (it does that sometimes, as well as the water), so we couldn't cook anything for lunch or have functional fans... so we sat on the floor, hiked our skirts up, and fanned ourselves with some flattened granola bar boxes as we munched on our PB&J's. Good times.
So yeah, good day, gonna hop to bed and we can have another one tomorrow. Goodnight!

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