Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 -- Week #15 - Day #100 - San Pedro Sula

May 27, 2015

10:12 pm
Whoo today was an adventure. Lots of crazy stuff happened... it never ceases to amaze the amount of diversity each day has. Incredible.

Today I learned how to clean a house, Honduran style. (Context: a family is moving into an empty, new house this weekend and the son wanted to clean it out before they moved all their stuff in, so our district went over to help give service, with us and Elderes Lyon, Comin, Martinez, and Wight in attendance.  (So first, you (literally) hose down everything, walls, floors, cabinets, doors, everything, and then you scrub everything with your scrubbie and detergent powder, and then hose it down again and sweep out the water with brooms.  Pretty neat, huh?  So that is what we did this morning, right after running over to Hna Ivin's house and back (they live by the church) to bring the baptismal dress that an investigator in E Martinez and Wight's area is gonna use this weekend to them.  So that was a fun morning, I'm really good at the water sweeping, and it was super nice to splash the water on my feet and play with the bubbles.  Like Mary Poppins, cleaning is a game!

And then we ran to some hospital stuff and then went officing, and taught some lessons, and then a whole nother adventure started.

So, we needed to fill out the baptism record of Pamela, because the original got lost before it could be entered into the Church system properly, so we went to the church building to pick up one of the forms and take it to her house to get the information again. So we walked all the way to the church, and it turns out they don't have the forms there. So we run back to the house to get one from our binder, but we don't have any either. So we call los elderes de Israel (E Lyon and Comin) and ask if they have a form, and turns out that E Comin had one on him (how awesome is that?!) so they hiked over to our area and we met up and exchanged papers and granola bars, and then we took back off to the church again as they rested for a minute on the curb (they ran all the way over to the meeting spot) and then we met up with Hno Levi at the church (ward secretary) and then we all went over to Pamela's house, and filled everything out. And then we finally got home, and discovered we left the house keys at the church, so we called Hno Zavala and Hno Levi had already left (he went back to the church to drop off the forms) but Danny was still there from Institute, so then Danny dropped off our keys on his way home, so we finally got into our house, and then we planned and had a sandwich and got to bed.

Crazy day, I tell you.

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