Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 -- Week #11 - Day #72 - San Pedro Sula

April 29, 2015

1:32 pm
So, we haven't gone hospitaling yet this past while... I almost want to say something close to a week? That's been weird to not go to any appointments, but it's been good to have a lot more time to work in our area. Anyway, today we've been up to our necks in phone calls of sick people, poor Hna Robles is still not off the phone... we have a few minutes of peace, and then she has another call come in. And then calls the hospitals and gets appointments, and emails with Dr. Cragun, etc. Crazy. But I'm becoming a very good little independent learner, so I filled my time with some PMG [Preach My Gospel] and the "Plan of Salvation" pamphlet, and practiced explaining it to myself, thought that went pretty well, actually. So that was fun.
On a medical note, the consults we have are usually around 410 or 800 lps, depending on which doctor we have to go to and for what, so that equates to roughly $20 or $40... a lot lower than a $100 consult in the States. And of course that doesn't cover the cost of medicine or stuff, but it seems to be a lot lower of cost than in the States to get medical care. Granted, in equivalence of value to these people, it's quite expensive.
Also, you can buy a 5 gal water jug thingy for $1... pretty good price, if you ask me (the people we buy them from sell them for 22 lps).  And we receive 4,300 lps a month (which is about $215) to live on for house payments, groceries, transportation etc... and it all works out pretty well, actually. So I'm guessing the cost of living here is less than the States.
9:46 pm
Funny story of the day, we were talking with Nancy tonight, and after we finished singing a hymn, she asked me a question, but all I really understood was "coro" or choir/chorus, and in context of her holding the hymnbook and after teaching her how to sing the hymns, I thought she was asking about why there wasn't a chorus to this one, just verses. So I went on to explain that in this hymn there's just the 4 verses, but most of the hymns have choruses... and then she laughed and Hna Robles explained that she was asking if I sang in choir before my mission, as she liked my voice. So that was funny. Usually I don't trip up like that, but we all had a good laugh and it's fine. Some people talk so fast that I don't pick up on all the words, and it's a little confusing. But for the most part I'm alright.
And scriptures of the day:
2 Nephi 29:9-14 click: 2 Nephi 29:9-14 prophesy about the Book of Mormon
2 Nephi 31:14 click:  2 Nephi 31:14 and 2 Nephi 32:3 click:  2 Nephi 32:3 This one is special because I had always wondered what it meant to speak with the tongue of angels, and just now made the connection that the answer is in verse 3 of the next chapter: "Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ." Isn't that so neat? Made a lot more sense to me... I don't know what it's like for you guys, but it's a lot easier for me to understand the scriptures on a mission... I feel so happy when I read them. Good stuff.

Also, funny thing #2, we accidentally planned to teach Guadelupe at 5:00 pm tomorrow, and then her brother who lives in the same house at 6:00 pm, so in our planning we moved both to 5:00 pm and will go talk with Pamela. Wheeps. (that's how we say "whoops" here... they don't have a "oouh" sound in Spanish) It's always fun to try and figure out what we were thinking that day when we were on sugar highs and exhausted (we had 3 servings of Coke in the space of 4 hours)... good times on the mission! Hopefully we can have our heads on straight tomorrow.

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