Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015 -- Week #13 - Day #87 - San Pedro Sula

May 14, 2015

10:18 pm
So, I'm pretty much exhausted, my poor body. But today was good, lots of walking around and such, weekly planning as a zone, finally were able to buy that brace for the poor elder that fell, and did some officing, and talked again with Pres. Dester for a little bit (sometimes he's talking to the AP's when we're at the office, so we get to say hi every so often), and had some lessons. Lots of stuff today.
E Santiago -- Going Home!
Since E Santiago finished his mission, we have a new district leader, E Lyons, I believe he's called, so that's fun. Our district is all gringos except for Hna Robles and E Comin, but he's from Canada, so he at least counts as an English speaker (he's very sensitive about being identified as gringo... but he's white so everyone calls him that anyway, kinda like the whole thing about me being from Utah... in the end it doesn't really matter where people think you're from), so poor Hna Robles feels a tiny bit left out, I think, but we all speak Spanish with her, so I think she'll be ok.
We also discovered how fun it is to say "bubble"... I think it's one of my favorite English words now. Hna Robles really likes it too, she thinks it's happy and exciting, the Spanish word is "burbuja" and is quite not so happy-sounding.
And also, we ended up singing all 7 verses to "How Firm a Foundation" in our last lesson tonight, so that was interesting. Our investigator was wondering why there were more paragraphs under the hymn, so ended up singing all of them. So that was kinda neat.

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