Saturday, May 30, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015 -- Week #14 - Day #98 - San Pedro Sula

May 25, 2015

10:17 pm
Pday! Finally defrosted our fridge! We've had a lovely block of ice about 4 inches thick in the top of our little freezer compartment since I got here, so hopefully our "refri" will work better now. Gotta love the laws of physics!

Also, we always haggle with the taxi drivers over prices, so that's fun. Usually we bid 10 or 20 lemps below what they say, and we can meet in the middle. And if they don't want to take us we always find another one, as taxis are in plentitude here.

Also, a lot of people burn their trash, so it's common to see patches black ashes mixed in with the dirt, and little smoldering piles of stuff in the street as well as full on flames sometimes as we're walking around. Pretty interesting.

And it's pretty rare to see PDA here, the craziest I've seen is an older (actually) married couple sitting together and holding hands. Kinda different in the States where everyone's kissing and holding hands and walking around together. But yeah, PDA is definitely not a thing over here, I guess that's a good thing, I suppose?

And we have foods named after weapons and stuff, kinda funny, baleadas and macheteadas.....baleadas because bullets are balas, and there was a story (different versions) about this old lady that sold tortillas with frijoles and queso and huevos, but there was a fight and she got shot, and survived and kept selling her tortillas. So they called her Senora Baleada (because she was "bulleted" or shot), and her type of tortillas are called baleadas after her. More or less the story behind those. And macheteadas are called that because it's a flat circle pastry that's fried and covered in mantequilla or honey, and it has 3 or 4 slits in the middle, like the cuts from a machete. We have a violent history of food here.

But yeah, cleaned house, did laundry, bought groceries, did our Pday stuff, and had a NDH (Noche de Hogar, or Family Home Evening) with Alonso and discussed the Plan of Salvation and eternal marriage, as he and Iris are not married, and they need to get married so he can be baptized. The marriage thing down here is also not big, if I haven't said that already. Most of our problems are because of that.

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