Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 -- Week #12 - Day #79 - San Pedro Sula

May 6, 2015

9:36 pm
Today was a day of hospitaling and officing... had 3 lessons today!  Whoo!  Poor Hna Robles is taking the brunt of the mental trauma of the "weeks before and after changes craziness", I just kinda follow along behind her and pick up the paperwork trail and relay messages between her and Hna Dester.  Good times.  At least this experience lets me meet a lot of the missionaries here, so that's kinda neat.

We went out to lunch today as we were out and about for so long, and we went to a Guatemalan place called Tacontento as a recomendation from the office crew and I got chicken enchiladas with the spicy red sauce, and learned about a different kind of spicy than I'm used to. This one is definitely bearable, but it feels tight and needly, not really a burning so much as a stinging, so that was interesting to discover. Hna Robles didn't dare touch my plate, sweet girl.  She got the enchiladas with the non-spicy green sauce.

In other news from Honduras, tattoos aren't very prevalent, I can count on 1 hand the number of people with tattoos I've seen. So that's a nice change from the States. And also, I haven't heard swearing in a while, either, most likely because I don't know many swear words in Spanish. But all the same that's nice, too.  Gonna be a nice culture shock when I get back to the great American society. Ugh. 

Also, you've probably noticed that my dates on all my entries so far look a little different than normal. That is because in the Latin calendar, we go day-month-year, and also start the week on Monday [sorry Peeps, the Madre has already switched them from your view!  It's actually quite confusing!!]. So that was fun in the beginning of my paperwork adventure to switch from the Latin dates for birthdays and on the receipts to the American way for filling out the insurance forms, it's always fun when there's a date that's for 04-04-2015 or 06-06-1995... makes it easier on my brain!

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