Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015 -- Week #14 - Day #97 - San Pedro Sula

May 24, 2015

10:15 pm
Today was Sunday! Whoohoo! I like Sundays. Except when none of our investigators will come to church. They want to be baptized and meet with us and everything, but the church part is the sinker. Darn it. But we enjoyed the meetings, at least, so that's that.

The oldest daughter of the Guzman family, Angie, just returned from her mission in Brazil this week, so she gave her testimony in Sacrament Meeting, except she has a very hard time remembering Spanish, so most of what she said was in Portuguese. Everyone was so shocked that she had forgotten her native language, but it is actually pretty normal to have that sort of experience if you learn another language, they just have a lot of the missionaries from here serve in Spanish-speaking countries, so it's usually not normal to have someone like that. I have a little bit of trouble with English words sometimes, mostly the spelling, actually, which makes me sad because I was so good at spelling stuff before. But I doubt I'll forget English entirely, as I still use it on a fairly regular basis with Pres and Hna Dester, and the emailing, of course, but sometimes it's easier to slip into Spanish, and sometimes I think a little bit in Spanish, usually when we're planning. Interesting stuff. But I've found out that I can read Portuguese and actually understand it fairly well, similar with Spanish, I have an almost perfect understanding of texts. The listening part is getting a lot better, and of course I can still understand Hna Robles perfectly. So we're making progress! Yay!

Side note on the religious background of my area: there are a lot of Evangelicals. And I mean A LOT. And then Jehovah's Witnesses and then Catholics. But those are the big three, there's not many other Christian formations that I've come into contact over here. All good people, but the Evangelicals are probably some of the most energetic and interesting people I've ever met. We have some really interesting lessons and prayers.

And also, general climate update: it's really, really, really hot. Like the week after Semana Santa when I first got here. Definitely drinking my water. And sweet Hna Robles has gotten worse, and this morning my tonsils were bothering me, so I took some Ibuprofen and vitamins etc at every meal and drank a lot of water, and we seem to be back on track. Prevention is key here!  It's too hot to get sick, but I think Hna Robles will be okay in another day or two, hopefully.

Also, in Spanish, Sunday is called domingo, but it should really be "dormingo" as in sleeping, because everyone is asleep in the morning before church, the afternoon after church, and not home in the evenings after church. Makes it a little tricky to have lessons and visit people, but somehow it all works out in the end, mostly we have to have back up plans to the back up plans to the normal plans, and do a lot of street contacting. I love Sundays!

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