Thursday, May 28, 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015 -- Week #14 - Day #96 - San Pedro Sula

May 23, 2015

9:05 pm
Tomorrow's Sunday! Whoo! Today was a working area day, and it rained at about 4:00 pm in the afternoon, and most of our lessons fell through, and it was fabulous. I like it when it rains during the raining part, because before and after it is super hot. This morning and early afternoon was way hot, and then it rained and was a little cooler, and then it was super humid and hot again, but then the sun went down, and it was still hot and humid. But the actually raining part was a lot nicer to walk around in. Vive San Pedro Sula!

And Hna Robles is getting kinda sick, her throat is really bothering her and she doesn't feel so good. So I hope she doesn't get full-blown sick (me neither, please!) since being sick is the worst. Our poor little bodies are trying so hard.

But yeah, today was good, we had these giant baleadas for dinner, about 11 inches across and cost 13 lemps, about 65-70 cents, I think, Elder Markus was telling us the other day when we were in the office that he has to go change all his algorithms and presentation stuff because the exchange rate from lemps to dollars has changed a little bit since we re-updated the prices for everything in the mission (he's the Secretary of Finances... and it turns out that there's requirements (not really, but it's funny to see the same kind of person be the Secretary of Finances): tall, thin, soft-spoken, wears glasses, fair skin, plays musical instrument, preferably the piano, has large family back home, and of course can use Excel and a copy machine proficiently... I think so far we've been on a streak of 3 Secretary's that meet the above guidelines for the selection process, quite funny, actually, as I met the previous Secretary right before he finished his mission, and I can confirm at least these 2 follow the status quo.

So yup, today was fun, hopefully tomorrow's better, and then there's only 1 more week of May! And then it's June, and at the end of June I finish my 2nd change.  And I'll have 4 months!  Crazy, I tell ya.

So I'm gonna go get ready for bed, and then sleep for a blessed 8 hours. Apparently, according to scientists (I love and don't love some things about science) 8 hours is sufficient for people, but I would ideally have 9 or 10. Or at least a nap. But it's all good, we're supposed to finish the day exhausted (and I assure you that we do) but it's a little annoying when you're tired during the day part, even when you're walking around. La mision!

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