Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015 -- Week #12 - Day #84 - San Pedro Sula

May 11, 2015

10:15 pm
Today was Pday! Whoo! Started the day off bright and early with a hospital appointment at 9:00 am, usually we don't have citas [appointments] on Pdays, but we needed to get the results from some lab work and discuss our treatment options. So that was fun.
And we also woke up this morning to Pink Floyd "Another Brick in the Wall" playing at the neighbor's house, so that was a fun little reminder of Daddy... Pink Floyd is good stuff. I actually hear a lot of American music while we're walking around or on the taxi radios, so as we're going around I'm always like "Hna Robles! Yo conozco esta cancion!", and tell Hna Robles that I know this song. And then when a song comes on that she knows she gets all excited and tells me how beautiful it is. We have lots of fun with the music selections.
Also, note from Honduras, there's a ton of street vending, like directly in the street. People just walk among the cars, asking for money or selling stuff for money or performing tricks and juggling for money... it's a little different than in the States when it's usually just homeless people, here it's a viable career to get money in the street. And of course there's the homeless people too, but normally whenever you're at a red a light, you get swarmed by people all walking among the cars. Pretty interesting.
And we went to lunch at Tacotento again, this time with Hnas Archila and Lopez, and I got myself some delicious burritos, with avocado and chicken, they were so good. And some fried red beans, gotta eat them with some crunchy tortilla chips. And had the best horchata I've had so far. I've figured out that when the horchata is more brown, it tastes kinda like the rice was burnt somehow and there's less cinnamon taste, but when it's lighter, almost white, it's more sweet and cinnamony. So I quite enjoyed lunch, Guatemalan food is kinda similar to Mexican, as I recognize most of the options on the menu and can actually order my own food. That's a fun experience.
And the other day I remembered the "Reflections of Christ" project from Mark Mabry, so you can check that out sometime, really neat to look at these beautiful images of the Savior's life.

And in news from the mission itself, today was the day of reassignment calls, as we have changes on Wednesday. I get another change with Hna Robles!  Yay!  Although one day I want her to be able to go to Copan, she wants to get out of SPS [San Pedro Sula] so bad. So I wish her the best of luck with that.
Together for another 6 weeks!  Yay!!
And washed a lot of clothes. I'm getting to be a very good clothes-washer!

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