Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 -- Week #15 - Day #99 - San Pedro Sula

May 26, 2015

9:56 pm
Today was good, Angie came with us on our lessons (which most of them fell through) so that was pretty neat. She just got back from her mission in Brazil and still speaks mostly Portuguese, but it's similar enough to Spanish that I could still understand her, Portuguese is to Spanish what my first few weeks here of Spanish is to English... weird comparison, but basically listening to her talk was like listening to Honduran Spanish for the first time again since it sounded different than what I was accustomed to hearing. Weird. Made me think of Julie, can't wait to meet up with her again.  She's coming home pretty soon, too, right?

And some quotes from our Relief Society lesson this Sunday that I failed to mention:
"No hay precio demasiado alto...Ninguna lucha demasiada severa, ni sacrificio grande, si como con secuencia de todo ello, recibimos y disfrutamos el don del Espíritu Santo" - Elder Bruce R McConkie

"El Espíritu Santo permanecerá con nosotros conforme honremos, respetemos y obedezcamos los leyes de Dios."

"Si somos humildes y sensibles, el Senor nos inspirara mediante nuestros sentimientos.¨

And in English! (I know there´s some errors in translation....sometimes the ideas make more sense in spanish)
"There is no price too high, fight too hard, no sacrifice too great, if because of all of this, we receive and enjoy the gift of the Holy Spirit" - Elder Bruce R. McConkie

"The Holy Spirit will be with us according to our honoring, respecting and obeying the laws of God."

"If we are humble and sensitive, the Lord will inspire us through our feelings."

So that was a pretty neat Relief Society lesson, I seem to enjoy the ones here a lot, perhaps because Hna Diosa teaches faitly often, and she´s awesome. Very animated lady that says a lot of good things, wish you guys could meet her.
I got myself probably the most delicious mango I've ever eaten!
I enjoyed over 2 lunches and was extremely pleased with myself!

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