Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 -- Month #3 - Week #14 - Day #92 - San Pedro Sula

May 19, 2015

10:24 pm
Today was good, only had 1 hospital visit, got to visit more people today.

Also, there was a horse just chilling in the median between the sides of traffic in the Avenida Juan Pablo... we were walking back from District Meeting and met up with him. Not quite sure why he was sitting in the sun and not the shade, but he seemed to be a younger horse, and was fairly good-looking, a warm chestnut brown with brown tail and cropped mane. Just kinda looked at us as we walked by, not a foot from him. So that was a typically random experience from Honduras... there's something different everyday.

Also, I failed to mention that I painted my toes a beautiful fuchsia again yesterday, Hna Robles really likes that color. So I get to walk around with my little pink toes hidden in my shoes. I have a pretty righteous tan-line on my feet now, looks like I dipped the bottom part of my foot in white paint... yay for gringo-ness!  And a watch tan, ring tan, fuzzy line for a skirt tan, and a prominent neck tan, the back of my neck from my backpack, as it comes up higher than my shirts. So I look pretty interesting, that's for sure.

It seemed to be a little cooler the past few days than when I first got here, so that's been nice, it's still quite warm, if I may say so, but at least I'm not quite as hot and sweaty as before.  So that's very nice. Still manage to get quite dirty and dusty everyday, so that's just kinda a given in any situation here.  But it's all good.

Been sleeping better, haven't woken up the past few days, although I'm still tired during the day and stuff.  But that's kinda normal since elementary school, so we just keep pushing on!  Hna Robles says everything will get better in a few more months.

And the taxis are still crazy as ever, it's fun to meet different kinds of drivers and get to know a little of their life as we're driving around to all our places. Good times.

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