Thursday, May 28, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015 -- Week #13 - Day #91 - San Pedro Sula

May 18, 2015

9:36 pm
Today was Pday! And my 3 month mission birthday.  Yay! We're already halfway through May... that's pretty crazy.

So we cleaned and did laundry and I cleaned out our sink and shower drains so we aren't always dealing with backed up water... not my favorite thing, especially when the whole purpose of the exercise is to get clean. Yay for not having building codes and standardized plumbing!  We're actually just grateful to have running water, period, so any little improvement in how things work is a miracle. Makes you grateful for the little things, huh?

View from the upper apartment in our house, everyone has corrugated metal roofs, and the people next door to us make and sell pinatas.
 Today we went out to lunch with the Hermanas Lideres Entrenadoras, and since Hna Lopez finished, Hna Archila has a new companion, Hna Virula, who's actually more quiet than I am sometimes.  I think she's from Guatemala?  Nice girl, she's been in Copan this whole time, has about 10 months there, so SPS [San Pedro Sula] is a little bit of a new experience... I can relate with the feeling lost part here, but I'm sure she'll get her feet under her quickly.  Hna Archila is wonderful, I like her a lot, she's from Guatemala as well. Anyway, we had lunch together at the Plaza Tipica over in "downtown" SPS, it's in the big market place thing called Maeco.  And I got pastelitos and chimol, dang those are good. Pastelitos are an empanada filled with rice and meat, not fruit. So it's a little, thick, yellow corn tortilla dealio folded over in half, filled with rice and meat, and the edges are sealed and then it's fried. And you eat it with thinly sliced cabbage and chimol on top. Chimol is sort of like a raw salsa type thing, it has diced cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, green bell pepper, cilantro, salt, pepper/chile (depending on how spicy you want it, usually it's not spicy), white vinegar and lime juice (some just use lime juice). Amazing stuff, chimol.  There's a lot of really neat food here, I'll have to make some for you guys, I think you'll like it.

And we finally helped an investigator tonight learn how to pray, his prayer went something like this: "Father, blessed and holy, thank you for everything. Amen." But it was so good to have him pray, finally. And we then explained that because we pray from the heart, we should avoid repetitious prayers. Hna Robles gave a good example of how he would feel if his wife only said "Hello, Alonso" once or twice a day and that was it, for a week or so. He probably wouldn't feel very happy or loved or appreciated for all the hard work he does for his family and her. So it is with our prayers. One of the things the Holy Ghost helps us with is knowing what we should pray for, as often times that is a stumbling block for a lot people. You might even have a little prayer beforehand to ask for the Spirit to help you. Enjoy your time talking to Heavenly Father, He sincerely is happy when you talk to Him, and really wants to help you in all things, if you let Him. And then we need to learn how to recognize that help as well, whatever form it comes in. So prayer is something we have to learn to do, and the way we learn is through practice. As an exercise of faith, we go forth and work, so that we may gain our answer. It's really an amazing form of communication, if you think about it. Prayer is awesome. (And I can say that because I have a lot of opportunities to pray during the day, as the majority of lessons the people decide that they want me to pray... so at the very least I can offer a decent prayer in Spanish!)

So yeah, things are good here, tomorrow should be interesting, as things always are, but Tuesdays especially are a little on the crazy side.  La mision es tan bonita!

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