Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015 -- Week #13 - Day #90 - San Pedro Sula

May 17, 2015

9:34 pm
Today was crazy! As always. But good, so that was nice. Church was good, we brought 4 people with us! Whoohoo! Karina and Axel came, and Alonso and Iris, so that was wonderful. Hope to keep them progressing, it's so good to have people come to church. Yay!
Axel, Karina, Hna Robles, Me! (Axel is the oldest son of Hno Halsey, and Karina is Halsey's younger sister)

In news from Honduras, they really do the whole:
"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" thing when someone scores a point in the soccer game, whether on TV or in the street, so that's kinda funny.

And it is simply astounding that there are so many almond and mango trees there are here, literally almost every house has at least one or two of each kind. And everything is green...great big trees with great big leaves. And there's almost no flowers planted in the ground, all the flowers are in the trees. Perhaps mostly because a lot of the trees here are flower bushy things that have kinda gone wild and grown into tree things. So that's interesting.
Also I've seen some posters for the third Divergent movie and the next Avengers movie I think (I honestly can't remember if we're on number 2 or 3 with that) so I hope you guys can go and enjoy them and don't tell me any spoilers. Gonna have a lot of catching up when I get home... whoo! But yeah, that's kinda funny to see a picture of Thor being all serious and Norse-god-mode with his hammer while walking around the streets of Honduras, kicking around almond fruit and evading piles of leaves and rocks. Living here is seriously like experiencing constant juxtapositions all day long. Kinda weird.
We were (literally) running a little late from a meeting to a dinner appointment tonight, so we ran/walked with our backpacks and everything from the church to our house (a good 10 mins or so) and decided to drop all the heavy stuff from our backpacks and just run with our copies of the Book of Mormon and our missionary handbooks and the cell phone and house keys to the person's house to get there in a decently timely manner (as they lived another good 10 mins from our house) with the food items we had promised to bring, so that was fun to run around our neighborhood, I'm sure everyone thought we were nuts. Whoops. But can I just say, that it felt so incredibly good to actually run for once, man that was awesome. I think walking around with a heavy backpack some odd hours a day for 3 months might help a little with increased muscle strength or whatever, because I enjoyed running much more than usual. Hna Robles had a little bit harder of a time with the enjoying part, I think, but we got to where we were going and everything worked out well. So there. That was my fun story for the day.
Oh! And good news! I forgot to mention that we were finally able to buy 2 light bulbs the other day, so we now have light in both our bathroom and our main living space. We no longer live in darkness! So that's been a big moral booster. Hurrah for electricity!

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