Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015 -- Week #15 - Day #101 - San Pedro Sula

May 28, 2015

10:20 pm
Today was good, although most of our lessons fell through. But we didn't have any hospital visits, so that's nice, and I finished up my paperwork, which is also awesome. I love giving stuff to Pres to sign!

So yup, just did our thing today, held weekly planning, had some lunch, went out and walked around and shared the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Good times.

Funny story of the day: our last visit tonight was with Karina, and so we went down the street and turned the corner to go to her house, and found los Testigos de Jehovah (Jehovah's Witnesses) out in force in her street, as Thursday seems to be the chosen proselyting night. We made our way over to Karina's house, and there was a pair of ladies talking to her, as well as another pair talking to a member family next door. So we said hi to Karina, and she went and got the keys and let us in the gate, and then we kinda chilled on the porch and talked to the grandma, and then the grandma wanted to go inside, so we all went in the house, all while the ladies were still talking with Karina. Hna Robles felt so awkward, but it was actually quite funny. So they finished up outside and then Karina came in and we had our lesson about the Plan of Salvation. Fun stuff!

Also got myself some Zambos, they're kinda like potato chips, but they're plantain, sliced and fried up and seasoned, this kind is of the chile and lime variety, quite tasty.

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