Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015 -- Week #11 - Day #73 - San Pedro Sula

April 30, 2015

9:52 pm
Today it rained from about 3:00 am - 10:00 am in the morning, and was kinda sprinkly the rest of the day, so that dropped our temperature to about 85 degrees, and it was delightful. Incredibly humid, but a cooler humid, as opposed to a very hot humid. So we were very grateful for the rain.

Also, after some hospitaling, Hna Robles and I went out to lunch, and I finally got to eat some Mexican food! That pretty much made my day. There's a restaurant called Antojos Mexicanos, or Mexican Cravings, and that's exactly what I've been having the past few days, so we finally got those taken care of. One big difference in the food here is that it's not spicy, although there's a lot of similar food ingredients, etc. So I got myself some lovely little carne de res, corn tortilla Mexican tacos, and covered those puppies in the "bastante pica" type of salsa that was about lowish-medium heat for me, at least, and enjoyed myself immensely. Hna Robles and the lady who served us kept eyeing me to see if I would cry or something because they thought the salsa was really hot, but I thought it was perfect. Hna Robles can't stand spicy food, and the lady kept warning me that that salsa was really hot, probably thought I was crazy. But it was a really nice red salsa, had a nice flavor and texture, and lots of red chilis. And it was so nice to have some beef, too. And the pico was really good, too, fresh tomatoes and cilantro and onion. And had some horchata to drink. That was an awesome lunch.
Can't believe I just talked about salsa for a paragraph, sorry about that. But I was seriously so happy to eat those little tacos. Dang good!
I would like to take a moment and discuss how it is always a funny thing for Hna Robles and I to be planning hospital visits for the missionaries, and she'll say that we have a cita (appointment) with an Elder Paca, so I write that down, and the next day we show up and I discover that she had been trying to say Packard... that happens a lot of times, and I finally showed her all my notes from the past few weeks, and she laughed for a good 2 minutes or so... good times. There's also some other American names that come out funny: biscuits = beesqueets, KFC = kah-efeh-seh, Popeyes = poh-pay-ehs, take it easy = tay-kee-see... I'm sure I sound similar as I'm stumbling around in Spanish, but it sure makes for a good laugh.
And some scriptures from today:
Alma 36:27 the strength of the Lord will help us  click:  Alma 36:27
Mosiah 3:5-10 Ministry and Atonement of Christ  click:  Mosiah 3:5-10
Alma 11:40-45 Resurrection  click:  Alma 11:40-45
And also, I don't know what's going on at home, but the past week or two we've been inviting people to watch the video "Gracias a que El Vive", or perhaps "Thanks to Him that Lives", I think, in English... anyway, it's a Mormon message and it's really neat. I think you can find it at  click:  Because HE Lives   It's in Spanish. But yeah, the Church is putting out some really neat stuff to share the Gospel with, the other day we watched the "He Lives" video (in Spanish) from a while back and I felt the Spirit with us as we watched it, that was really wonderful. So yeah, that's an easy little invitation you're welcome to extend to others -- watch a short video about Christ. Good stuff.
But yup, long day, happy for the rain, hope for a good day tomorrow. Goodnight!

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