Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 -- Week #14 - Day #93 - San Pedro Sula

May 20, 2015

9:54 pm
Today we had la Conferencia Multi-Zona! Yay! So that was pretty neat, went from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at the Benque [Stake Center], ate lunch there.  Had some opening messages from Hna Dester about health stuff, and Pres Dester about the Holy Ghost, and then some workshops with the zone leaders about different things we can do to be better missionaries, then lunch, and then a message from the AP's [Assistants to the President], and then Pres Dester shared a video of a talk from Pres Uchtdorf and shared his closing thoughts. I enjoyed the experience a lot.
And then we went and taught a whole bunch of lessons! Yay! So that was awesome, I got asked the truly important question of whether God sleeps or not from one of our dear investigators, so I told him that we have to eat and sleep because our bodies are mortal and have physical needs. But since God had a glorified and perfected body, He doesn't have to be subject to the frailties of mortality. And so no, God doesn't need to sleep. He thought that was a sufficient answer and made sense. So that was fun.  There's always some interesting thing that happens every day, I'm not kidding.

Also, the equivalent to "head in the clouds" or "my mind was wandering" etc, is "su mente esta en la luna!" or "your mind is on the moon".  I love Spanish!

And also, there's always some fruit or household object or poor little animal that is absolutely smashed flat in the streets from the blessed cars that speed around all over the place. Lots of rats, pigeons, mangos, nani fruit (nasty stuff... it's good for you, but it is not delicious in any sense of the word), shoe soles, plastic forks, bottle caps, random papers, plastic bags of all sorts out the whazoo.... haven't seen any frogs here but we have quite a few little gecko lizards that run around and sometimes get pegged too. Poor little guys.
Our oil that we use for cooking... a lot of stuff is in bags

Also, random fact about Honduras, the people here usually don't sing above a "B" in the treble clef, and the concept of harmony or parts doesn't really exist, so when we sing hymns in our lessons or in church meetings, we tend to transpose keys during multiple passages of the melody to avoid anything higher than a "B".  So I've learned to be a little quieter in the true melody when a "B" is coming up, so I can figure out and pick up whatever key Hna Robles happens to be singing in next. Add that to the fact that I'm trying to decently memorize the words in Spanish, and it makes for quite the exciting adventure every time we sing.

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