Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 -- Week #12 - Day #78 - San Pedro Sula

May 5, 2015

9:15 pm
Today we had district meeting, and then were in the hospital until about 6:00 pm, so we had a lesson and dropped off some copies of the Book of Mormon to a family of investigators, quite the successful day. Hna Robles feels so bad our numbers get really low sometimes, but I always remind her that we've been in the hospital for the past 4 hours, not teaching lessons... perhaps we should start impromptu lessons in all our doctor's appointments and visits, etc?  Probably teach a lot of "Plan of Salvation"... yeesh.  But it's all good, I'm not too upset about the numbers, sweet Hna Robles really liked the counsel to see these people as children of God and not as statistics for us to fulfill, that has helped her out a lot as we have limited teaching. But yeah, we're just doing our jobs and helping people out, spiritually or physically.

Also, we can listen to songs that Hna Robles has downloaded on the nurse Smartphone, and I discovered that Alex Boye does a rendition of "How Great Thou Art" that I quite enjoy... I'm always reminded of his music video of "Royals," I think, and he has a Christmas wreath on his head... Lyndsey will definitely understand what I'm talking about. Good times, my friend. Go look him up if you havn't heard of him, he's wonderful.
And I got my glorious package from home!!
AAAAAAAANNNNDDDD I finally got my family's package!  Happy Day! There was a week delay in my receiving it, but Hna Robles and I opened it together (after walking 20 minutes back to our house from the church building we have district meeting in) and were quite happy to share some Skittles and Lindt chocolate and look at my new journal and the booklet of photos of me and my family, and get all girly about my new shirts and skirts and sparkly gel pens (I find t-shirt style tops [short sleeved knit top] to be much more comfortable in this climate than long-sleeved collared shirts, by the way, I can get away with the later when it's rainy and not 106 degrees outside!) and all my other little presents... so we had a joyous mini party this afternoon. Thank you so much, family! I love you and you are seriously so wonderful.  I love getting my little love notes every week, I'm definitely the marvel of the missionaries in my zone... they sometimes just get 2 or 3 letters their whole mission and I get a lot more than that every Tuesday... whoops.
Thanks again, my wonderful family!
Also, random fact, I slipped about 3 or 4 times today, no idea why, mostly on leaves or pebbles or wet tiles in our bathroom... I almost never slip, and today I almost fell a lot. Strange. Maybe my equilibrium is off today or something? Anyway, made for an exciting day, to say the least, Hna Robles almost started holding my hand so I didn't wind up on the ground. 

And weather news from SPS [San Pedro Sula]: the sun is back, so we lost our delightful cloud cover from the past little while. Quite warm today, but I don't think it felt like quite as hot as it did the other week when we hit 104-6 or so... so that was nice, at least. Once again grateful for my t-shirts [short sleeved knit tops... not really a sports t-shirt]!

And we get to start tomorrow off with a hospital and then office visit at 10:30 am, but after lunch we should be able to work our area.  An elder fell down some wet stairs the other week and still has back pain, so we're taking him in for some further testing. (See? The slipping thing is serious!) The crazy thing is that it takes like 4-5 hours, depending on route used and traffic, for them to get to SPS [San Pedro Sula] where the hospitals are (which is why the nurse is assigned to areas in the immediate area)... so they're staying at the Mission Secretary's house tonight and will go back to the hospital in the morning, and then back to their area in the afternoon.  It can take a lot of coordination and time to get medical attention when you're in the really far areas... I imagine Momma's glad I'm in the city. But it's all good, the worst I've had so far are some bug bites and a hangnail... and I took care of both by myself.  Hurrah for self-sufficiency at its finest!

So yeah, today was good, gonna head to bed here and get some wonderful sleep. Woke myself up the other night with my talking in Spanish, can't remember exactly what I was saying, probably was something about our lessons... my poor little brain!

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