Thursday, May 28, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015 -- Week #14 - Day #95 - San Pedro Sula

May 22, 2015

10:27 pm
Today, today, today... fun times. Went a-hospitaling and a-officing and then again went a-hospitaling, and taught 2 lessons... today was wonderful.

It really is fun on the more administrative side of things, and I enjoy being Hna Robles's companion with all my being (she really is superb, I wish all of you could meet her!)... it just cracks me up how the nurse is "the nurse", but then is also supposed to be a full-time proselyting missionary... I think we manage to accomplish the same ends, just with different means and timetables. It just makes me laugh everyday. Poor little sick missionaries, still need someone to help take care of them.  Two of the newbies (E Pieper and Hna Velasquez) were having trouble with their feet and ankles being swollen, so Pres is a little concerned about that.  It's a little hard for the gringos because we can walk and walk and walk all we want before our missions to help our bodies get used to it, but then we're gonna sit in a classroom for the next 6 weeks for like, 12 hours a day, so there's not much walking involved. Hna Robles thought that was sad and that we should be able to walk more.  But, notwithstanding, our little newbies are quite the troopers with wonderful trainers, so I'm actually quite happy for them. E Pieper is just so darn good at rebounding from setbacks and is always smiling (even when he has no idea what's happening -- which is most of the time), and Hna Velasquez is a darling sweetheart, I love her! This is a really good group, I look forward to serving with them.

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