Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #37 - Day #253 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 27, 2015

We contacted this one guy who was saying how there was a prophet that predicted that there would be a meteor coming soon that would destroy part of North, Central, and South America. But, it could be prevented if we all fasted and prayed. Which makes some sense. But we better all hold on to our seats, guys, because it's gonna be Jurassic Park all over again. I love listening to all the prophecies around here... basically anyone who says anything about the Bible is a considered to be a prophet, so I guess according to that commonly accepted definition, I (as my normal self, not even as a missionary) am a prophet. Which I am most definitely NOT, just FYI.

Today we went to Potrerillos again for our last Zone Meeting, and took a bunch of pictures where everyone looks very brown and latino, except for me... I'm still white! Yay! So that was fun.

I also showed off my gymnastics skills (which are very limited, mind you) and did a back bend into bridge, walked around like that for a minute, and stood back up, which freaked everyone out.
So E Hess tried, but he definitely does not bend that way very well.  And couldn't do bridge starting on the ground either. So that was actually pretty funny because of all his faces, and some other elderes even tried spotting him, and that didn't work either.
He also tried splits, and that was funny as well. I am SOOOO close to full splits, I'm kinda excited. I haven't been working on them as much as I should, but there's still progress! So that was a fun little time after the meeting, we laughed a lot!
Came back, had lunch, and met some really interesting people who had a lot of interesting things to say, none of which made any sense or had correct doctrine. So that was super enjoyable. Had some more lessons, met some more interesting people, and had choir practice. We're practicing every night this week as we have Ward Conference this coming Sunday, and we need to learn 4 hymns. A lot of work! But we're going with that, should calm down a lot after the conference, so I'm excited about that.

So yeah, today was fun. Got a big day tomorrow!

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