Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #36 - Day #248 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 22, 2015

Today was interesting, didn't get the chance to do much missionary work. Had Weekly Planning in the morning, lunch, finally left the house to look for a reference we received, unsuccessfully, but we did contact someone else, so that was good.
Antics at the church - a ball had gotten stuck on the roof, so the elderes went and saved it. And Hna Escobar and her guitar skills!
Then hiked back over to the church for Coordinacion Misional, stayed a little bit afterward to help plan the baptism of Paola for tomorrow (the elderes of Santa Cruz are teaching her), then Hna Escobar and I went and bought ingredients to make cookies as refreshment for the baptism as no one has money or knows how to make anything, and we then went back to the church to help the choir practice and we stayed for the workshop on Family History as there was low attendance and the family we would have dinner with said they would bring it to the church.
A giant baleada that we had for dinner, delish!
And then we went back home, planned, made the cookies, and got ready for bed. As I said, super productive day. 
Cookie time!
"No-bake" cookies!
I will just say that there are some serious gender stereotypes here, anything to do with cooking, cleaning, children and preparation is immediately mandated to women. I'm not a feminist, I don't hate men, I recognize the importance of roles in a family and I actually enjoy doing all of the above. It just rubbed me the wrong way when our mission leader just started delegating all the piano music, refreshment, and building cleaning to us (Hna Escobar and I) without prior consultation and didn't expect any objections. So we objected and made reassignments to just do the cookies. Poor guys sat there with their jaws dropped. Crazy how I actually do have a brain and I will use it to think, thank you very much.

Other than that it was a good day, lots of walking around, and now my body is tired. But I am really enjoying my mango bodywash (thanks, Mom!) so that's a bright spot.

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