Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015 -- Month #7 - Week #34 - Day #238 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 12, 2015

Pday!  We stayed home and washed clothes for 3 hours, cleaned house, wrote some letters, and painted our toes. Then we went and wrote our homies (hi homies!), bought a bunch of food for the week, got ourselves ready again at home, and visited Lolita and then had dinner with la familia Flores. And came back home, planned for tomorrow, took a normal shower (as our pila-house water came back! Whoohoo!) and hopped into bed.

Big events of today: I painted my toesies a beautiful, sparkly, raspberry jam sort of color, with some nail polish I found in a store a few weeks back and had been wanting to try out, which is part of the reason I'm painting my toes again. So that was awesome, I was really happy with my sparkly raspberry toes!

We also bought a flyswatter (matamoscas, or "fly-killer"), por fin!  So now we're killing 8-10 flies a day that decide they want to live in our house and land on us and eat our food. No more! Die flies, die! So we have some fun adventures as we're jumping around, swatting a plethora of flies. Good times.
And all the music everywhere today was of the usual bachata-reggaeton-pop mix, but there was a whole lot of 80's classic rock thrown in there, so I was jamming on that. Made me think of my Dad, and all the times he's in the computer room or the garage, doing his stuff, playing his songs at full volume. I miss him.

But yeah, good day, actually went by really fast. But we're ready to get back into gear for another week! Only have this and another week left before cambios again.  

[Excerpt from a personal email to the Madre:]
"That's awesome that y'all are ponderizing, praying and getting spiritually fed even before seminary. Very good start to the day. As missionaries, we start each day with 2 hours of studying the scriptures, General Conference talks, Church manuals, Liahona's, Preach My Gospel, and other materials individually and as a companionship. 
I am developing an unshakable testimony of this Church. It is of Christ, and He has given us, as missionaries, the authority and calling to teach about it. There is power in knowledge, and the Spirit is the Teacher of all things. The plan of God is perfect for us. We are His children, and He loves us. He knows us personally and wants us to be happy. We have families to help us learn and grow, and the prophets guide us today as they have done in ancient times. Christ established His Church upon the pillars of prophets, apostles, priesthood power, revelation, and the scriptures. Due to the wickedness of the world, this great light was taken from the earth for a time, but God called again to a worthy young man to prepare himself to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to restore the gospel in its fullness. We have the same organization of the true Church of Jesus Christ, and we enjoy great blessings. 
These are the principles of the first lesson we teach to people, and they pretty much reject it all and have no interest when we teach. They do not listen, and they do not understand. So that is sad. It really is. But I am all the more grateful to know that my family is trying to do what is right and am happy to know that you guys are being blessed and becoming stronger as a family. That brings me a lot of comfort. Keep on keeping on!"  :)

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