Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015 -- Month #7 - Week #35 - Day #243 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 17, 2015

It's fun because I'm learning a whole bunch of words that are Honduran, just like the other latinos that come here for the mission, so that's a fun little factoid. Everyone's learning here. Some words so far are:

- chinear (carry-give a lift-hold on lap)
- macizo (cool-neat)
- pichingo (cartoon)
- va'pue' (go on then, alright)
- pollo chuco ("dirty chicken", fried chicken with tajadas)
- macanudo (cool-crazy-fun)
- que pasada (what craziness:  like when responding to someone telling a story, as a side comment)
- chiki (referring to persons, people calling from rapiditos if they want a ride: "Maeco, chiki, maeco van")
- cheque leque (okey-dokey)
- chancho (pig-animal)
- dentren (come in, really isn't a word, should be without the d at the beginning)
- piscina (pool, but they say "peekseena" which is incorrect pronounciation)
- costurar (sew: normally it's "coser")
- la calor and el tele which is using the incorrect gender of words
- revuelto (all mixed up-a mess)
- churros (chips)
- pulperia (those little house stores that sell churros and soda)
- wirro/wirra (boy/girl)
- Ejene (the way they say "ensene")
- compa (man/buddy)
- chasta (bad/that sucks)
- chuna (barefoot)
And other assorted words. I love Honduran Spanish.

And everyone's convinced that I'm a ballerina, so that's fun as well. It is true that I know the basic ballet forms, but everyone says it's because I sit up straight. No one sits up straight here.

And cows literally cross the roads all the time. More when you're going up to Zapote, but there's always a whole ton of chickens and dogs and everything all over the place. I love animals! 
And we made a fun little FHE teaching tool: The Lettuce! You write little questions or things to get to know people on pieces of paper shaped like leaves, and tape them to a ball, and then you pass the Lettuce around like hot potato and then you have to answer the question when it lands on you. We're gonna use it in a FHE we have planned for Monday.

La Lechuga Preguntona! :P  

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