Friday, October 16, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015 -- Month #7 - Week #34 - Day #237 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 11, 2015

Alright, I'm finally caught up! Sorry to everyone that I've taken so long, but I honestly don't have a whole tone of time to write everyday, and it turns into the homework cycle when you're sick for a day... takes forever to get back on track! But I should be good to go, now, hopefully.

Today was good, we finally had some people come to church with us! So we were pretty thrilled. Today was Fast and Testimony Meeting, which can be a little tricky when you bring investigators for the first time, but it turned out pretty well, I think.
Companionship study time
And guess who the bishop called on while announcing the program to play all the hymns for the meeting without warning? Me! Yay! I haven't played piano in over a year and didn't remember the hymns, so I just played the melody, but it didn't really matter as no one sang on key or with the melody. I will say that I had been practicing #204 in Spanish for a special musical number with the other missionaries, so I got that one down pat, but I was not anticipating playing everything else. But, it went over fairly well, I asked to have advance warning in the future so I could practice what will be sung a few times beforehand. Literally no one here knows how to play piano, let alone read music. Not a single person. Just me. Crazy.

We've also entered into some sort of season that feels like a Texas autumn, everyone says we're in winter right now. But everyday I keep feeling like I'm back home in the fall, kinda interesting. Absolutely nothing looks the same or sounds the same, but if you close your eyes, it feels like I'm back home. Weird!

Hna Escobar told me this morning that I was talking in my sleep in Spanish again, but really clearly like I was awake, so that was funny. This time I guess I was getting to know someone in my dreams as I asked how they were doing, and how was their family. My poor little brain!
And today was the day of visits to little old ladies, so that was kinda sweet and special. We visited Esperanza, and she said that no one had come and visited with her these past few days, so that was actually kinda sad. And her husband and her daughter are out of town right now, so she was missing him and her mother, and her daughter... so we were happy that we could spend some time with her and talk and share stories. She's a seriously awesome lady, we'll have to visit her more often.

We also dropped by Noemy, who actually reminds me a lot of my mom, so I always like going and talking with her.  Her family is going through some stuff, so that's a little hard on her. But she's a tough little cookie, and is a total sweetheart and works in the temple in Tegus. She also always gives us snacks or food, this time we got some tiny little pears and apples, and some bread and cookies, so we brought those home and had a little dinner as we weren't terribly hungry tonight.

On the way back home, we passes by one of the numerous churches here, and they people were all literally shouting and screaming "hallelujah" and random Bible passages and everything, it actually made us a little scared for a minute. People have interesting ways of worshiping.

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