Thursday, October 29, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #35 - Day #245 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 19, 2015
Today we went to El Cajon, the (I think) biggest dam in Honduras, so that was really neat.
Typical dangly thingies in cars / buses - everyone has religion out the wazoo!
We made it to El Cajon!!

The dam is REALLY big!
One of the guys there said that it was built by the Italians, so that is an interesting little factoid. We walked across the top of the dam and farther along on the ground, and also a bridge that's being built, so that was also very cool.

An "Indiana Jones" style bridge that we did NOT go on!!
We had a heck of a time figuring out rides to and from, as there's not actually normal transport that runs over there, so we ended up hitching rides with busses and rapiditos, as a district plus our zone leaders (8 missionaries) which made it even harder as most of those busses and rapiditos were already full, but we were all safe and ok. I will say that it was quite the adventure and totally typical Honduras. Yeehaw!

So we got back finally from all that fun, and wrote and bought some food, and got back home to change and get ready for a FHE with a less active family we're working with to help teach their 9 year old daughter and prepare the dad so he can baptize her. So that was fun, we prepared a game with La Lechuga Preguntona (the Question Lettuce) that turned out really well.

It was fun because her whole life, Hna Escobar had thought that you say lettuce like "leht-WEES" with a French accent, so we had a good laugh when I figured out what she meant. Ah, languages. But I recently learned that eggplant is berenjena and artichoke is alcachofa, somewhat similar in pronunciation. Everyone has a hard time with saying fruits and veggies in English, so I'll just stick to learning what everything is in Spanish!

Good day overall, we didn't have time to wash clothes due to our excursion all day long, so we'll have to find time during the week to do that. But, good news, we've had water in the pila and the house these past few days, so that's been wonderful. Go Honduras!

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