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Tuesday, October 13, 2015 -- Month #7 - Week #35 - Day #239 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 13, 2015

Tuesday! Went to Potrerillos, received some palabritas de amor from E Olivas, came home, made a fantabulous lunch, went and contacted up a serious storm for 3 hours, and then went to the church so that I could play piano and help teach the newly formed ward choir how to sing some hymns. So that was fun.
We're really tired and hungry from so much walking. And we were informed that the Hermanas Lideres Entrenadores are gonna come and do divisions with us tomorrow, so that's gonna be fun.

I had a cool experience as we were going back to Santa Cruz in the bus, as earlier E Olivas had given us some counsel about different aspects of missionary work, and how a lot of times just saying hi and asking how people are doing as you contact helps to start everything off right and helps them feel good and more interested. So on the bus, good little missionary that I am, started talking to the gentleman next to me, and after everything he made the comment that he was happy that I had said hi and asked how we were.  He had received a good impression of us and was willing for us to come visit him and his family. It was actually a pretty neat little experience. So there's some blessings for being obedient!
As we were eating lunch today we watched the Restoration video (20 min version) click: The Restoration and part of "The Testaments" in Spanish click: The Testaments dvd, and we got to the part where Kohor starts talking to Jacob, and the voice is obviously different in Spanish because it's a different person doing the voice-over, a lot more friendly and normal than the actual actor's voice. But I wanted to show Hna Escobar how creepy his voice really is, so we stopped it, switched over to English, fast-forwarded until the part again, played, and we both freaked out over his voice. It sounds like how dirty feels and looks. Ugh. Hna Escobar's eyes went wide and she got the shivers. Then we switched back into Spanish and were fine.
I also made a quesillo and red bean tortilla folded in half for part of my dinner tonight, and was quite pleased with myself. I have no idea what you would call it, but it was good. And I had some bell pepper and finished up my little bottle of banana-flavored soda. We make some awesome meals here!

And a very common phrase that we're encountered:
"Hola, hermanita, que tal? Como esta?"
"Pues, aqui, mirando/viendo-las."

Which translates to us asking how someone's doing and them answering that they're there, looking at us. Kinda an interesting response, a little bit hard to make a comment somehow connected to the subject of us standing in front of them. Anyways, just wanted to let y'all know that we get that a lot.

And a list of some of the churches that we've encountered so far in our areas of Santa Cruz, there's quite a few, and we somehow manage to find new ones every few days. And there's even more in the parts where the elderes are at. Just something to think about.

- La Cosecha
- La Sala Evangelica
- La Iglesia de Dios, Hermandad Cristiana
- El Templo de Sinai (La Asamblea de Dios)
- Alfa y Omega
- Los Adventistas del Septimo Dia
- La Iglesia de Jesus, el Verdadero Dios
- La Iglesia del Dios de la Biblia
- La Iglesia Biblica Bautista Independiente
- El Ministerio Iglesia de Jesucristo: Alfa y Omega
- El Ministerio Internacional: La Arca del Pacto del Vino y Aceite Nuevo (they've got their own apostle and a prophetess as well... they're husband and wife and lead the church)
- La Iglesia de Cristo
- La Iglesia Luterana Monte Getsemani
- Congregacion Evangelica Centroamericana: Genesaret (their sign also has the words "Mas vosotros soy linaje escogido")
- Los Testigos de Jehova (their sign out front says "El Salon del Reino de los Testigos de Jehova")
- La Iglesia Livertando a los Cautibos
- La Iglesia Catolica
- La Iglesia Evangelica Filadelfia
- MAAM (El Ministerio Apostolico Avance Misionero)
- La Luz del Mundo (an Evangelical church)
- La Iglesia Evangelica Reformada
- La Iglesia Shaddai
- La Iglesia Fuente Iluminosa Centroamericana
- La Iglesia de Cristo Ebenezer
- La Iglesia Bautista
And a Jewish denomination that I didn't quite catch the name of, but they meet in SPS, so the member have to travel quite a bit to get there.

Quite the list, huh? And we somehow keep finding new churches all the time. Amazing how we have so many religions all in just one little city-town. "But we all worship the same God, right?"  So the path doesn't matter... (umm, don't think so!)

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