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Friday, October 16, 2015 -- Month #7 - Week #35 - Day #242 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 16, 2015

Hna Robles and Hna Archila have 18 months! Can't believe they finish the mission on the 28th. El fin se acerca, y hay poco tiempo!  [The end is near, and there is very little time!] 
Me playing around with my hair, Hna Escobar is astounded with my braiding skills!
And we were told that we had Coordinacion Misional a few hours beforehand today, so that was interesting as we already had set plans to be in el Zapote in the afternoon, so we were kinda late to the meeting, but we never start on time anyways so we didn't feel bad. Then we went around looking for a reference we received, but as the addresses here aren't really addresses, so good luck. You always end up contacting at least 5-6 people while trying to find someone, and when you finally get to the right house they people aren't home or don't want to listen. Just how the world works.

But as we were wandering around, we met up with a family and I finally learned how to form and cook flour tortillas, so that's pretty neat. I'm still a little uncertain on the recipe part, but we're making progress! So that was pretty fun, I like playing with the masa (dough). 
It also rained a whole lot this morning-afternoon-night, so it's been pretty wet and cool. We decided to go to Zapote in the afternoon and stay there for lunch to not take up so much time traveling, but it started raining, so we took shelter in the porch of a house that nobody was living in to eat. Nothing creepy, just sat on the cinderblock ledge and ate our PBJ's.
 As it was raining, a dog decided to come join us as well, really nice animal. Of course all the dogs live in the street, so he wasn't the most beautiful dog ever, but he had a nice white coat and brown and blue eyes. We named him Quasi because his eyes are different colors. 
Quasi - Our Protector!

 We gave him bits of our sandwiches, and some granola, and he let us rub his head. Then a boxer came in under the porch, and Hna Escobar got a little concerned because they're very aggressive dogs and get big, so we were afraid to have the two dogs in the same spot, but Quasi sat himself in between us and the boxer and curled his body towards us and everything was alright until the boxer left a few minutes later.
Hna Escobar said that Quasi was protecting us from the boxer, so that was neat. Good dog, gonna miss him and I'm sad he doesn't have a home. 

And we finally found this one lady we've been trying to visit for the past few weeks, we found her washing laundry in the pila, so we decided it would be a very good idea to help her, as she's 8 months pregnant and her tummy is enormous. So we got to wash clothes for an hour, but we got a lesson in! Whoohoo! I actually enjoy washing clothes, it's fun to play with all the bubbles.

We also met some wonderful Catholics who had no idea about the Trinity/Godhead (the same word in Spanish: Trinidad) which was a little strange as that's a very Catholic idea. So we taught them some more about that and the Plan of Salvation. Good people.

And I've also seen 2 children with Down's syndrome here in Santa Cruz, the dearest little kiddos. God sends spectacular spirits in imperfect bodies.

And I thought I'd mention that I'm reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish from beginning to end, and studying with the manual from Rel 121-122 as well for every chapter (also in Spanish). Really neat experience, Nephi is seriously awesome. Laman and Lemuel are knuckleheads, but everyone else is pretty good. I enjoy having the different perspective of a language and the commentaries from the manual. Good stuff!

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