Friday, October 9, 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015 -- Month #7 - Week #33 - Day #229 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 3, 2015

General Conference! Maybe it's the mission, but I seriously love watching 8 hours of talks in 2 days. So cool.
We watched General Conference as a Zone
So yes, I did end up ironing my hair straight, and it turned out really well! Also haven't straightened my hair in over a year, since it was shorter and I curled it. It was fun to feel it swinging around as we were walking today.

I haven't straightened my hair in forever since I had it curled for a year when I chopped it off, and then have been in Honduras for 7 months. Pretty funny :)
So Hna Escobar is super pilas and stuck to her decision to watch all of conference in English, so she was the only latina chilling in a room with a whole bunch of gringos. She's amazing. Understood the majority of what was said, if there was a new word she would lean over and ask me, and afterwards we went over the talks and gave a summary of each to check for comprehension. So that was super neat, I think she was able to be taught by the Spirit, if anything, as her notes seemed a little better in content than mine. Neat experience.

And just thought I'd let ya'll know that I swallowed a fly today. There are so many dang flies here, I swear it's a miracle that they aren't consumed more often. So that was a little surprising for me, and I can't say that I enjoyed it. I don't like flies.

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