Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #36 - Day #247 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 21, 2015

Today was fun, visited some very interesting people who said a lot of interesting things and didn't really want to listen to us. I absolutely love getting preached to for 40 minutes at a time about stuff that is incorrect and doesn't make any sense, logical or doctrinal. But that's ok, we keep on going.

We were talking with this one lady, and at the end of the lesson this little old grandpa came out and had a seat, and when we said goodbye to everyone (because you personally say hello and goodbye to every single person in the room/space where you are) we shook his hand and he said that he sends his greetings to our husbands... so that was kinda funny. Lots of people are very surprised to learn that we are single, don't have children, pay for our own missions, and are so young (although 23-27 years old really isn't actually that young to go on a mission... I'm practically an embryo!) to be "andando en las cosas de Dios, predicando la Palabra".  To be honest those phrases kinda bother me, but that's how people talk here. Anyways.

We also ran over to the bank to pay our light bill of 5 lemps. Pretty cheap for a month of electricity! You just go over to whatever bank with your money and your little receipt, and say "I would like to pay my light bill, please" and they type in the numbers and take your money, give you another receipt, and that's it. 5 minutes. 
And we still have an abundance of naked kids (literally) running around, bathing in the pila, nursing, whatever, so that's fun. And none of the dogs or cats or anything are fixed, so imagine that as well. And very public breastfeeding. And shirtless guys walking around. And a whole lot of other stuff. I feel very protected and safe in my clothes, thank you very much! Even though it gets hot, I'm happy wearing my 3 layers with sleeves and longer skirts. Rock those clothes!

But, upside to everything of today, we had papaya y miel! Or steamed/boiled papaya with honey and sugar, very delicious, tastes kinda caramelly. We were talking to another lady and she was making dinner, so she invited us to try papaya y miel. So that was pretty awesome. 
Papaya y miel

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