Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #36 - Day #251 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

October 25, 2015

We're almost finishing this change and the month of October! It's starting to feel more like fall here, although it's still really hot and you still get all sweaty and dirty and gross. Love it! But there's been some really cool clouds lately, and there's usually a nice little breeze running around.
This day was REALLY hot!!  My clothes were soaked with sweat!
See my backpack lines???  Uuugh!
Today was a good Sunday, none of our investigators wanted to come to church, but we got some good exercise running around all over the place this morning to find them all. I think there's a quote from Pokemon along the lines of "gotta catch em all!", I'm not sure, as I've never really watched or played Pokemon, too many people running around with spiky hair and strange hybrid animals.

But, fun event at church, someone accidentally kicked my foot as we were leaving the chapel, and broke my big toenail. So that started bleeding, and E Olivas (good District Leader that he is) gave me a Beauty and the Beast bandaid to help it not be a huge mess. So I walked around today with Belle plastered on my toe, which made me smile. So I'll be sure to take good care of it so it doesn't get worse, and hope that my nail doesn't fall off. It kinda still hurts. Ouch.
My poor toe...
But, bright spot of the day, Hna Escobar and I got pulled out of the class with the investigators to help teach the Primary kiddos a song, as the leaders didn't know it. So we drew on our combined Primary time knowledge, and I read the music, and we taught those kids! Whoo! The song was "I Know That My Savior Loves Me", click: I Know That My Savior Loves Me (mp3) I think, and I remembered for a little bit about my Mom when she was Primary chorister and would make all the posters to help teach the Primary kids the words. I miss Primary!
We also passed by Esperanza (the lady whose mother died about 2 weeks ago) and it turned out that she was making a whole bunch of tamales, like 120 of them. So we stayed 2 hours to help her out, as she was alone and making tamales is not a 1 person job. So we got those all cooked and hauled upstairs to cool, and washed everything, and she gave us some dinner and we talked about how she's doing and everything.
Tamale time!
She's an awesome lady. Her husband travels for days at a time, so she's often alone. So we go and visit her from time to time to she how's she's doing and help her out. And we got to play with Rocky, their pit-bull (who was originally named Sultan, and he was tiny! Now he's HUGE and keeps on growing!) and he's adorable and so happy and playful, and has about 4 or 5 months, I think.
Playing with Rocky!
Hna Escobar has a pit-bull at home (and a golden retriever and a boxer as well) and fell in love with Rocky right away. I like him really well, too, but Hna Rosas never did, she doesn't like animals. Or dead things. But that's normal. Anyways, we enjoyed our time with Esperanza.

And we came home to find un MONTON de leafcutter ants carrying their pieces of leaves out back. Crazy! They cut the leaves of a tree near the front of the house, and carried them all the way down the trunk, up on the back wall, behind the pila, and all the way across the other small wall, across the grass, up the neighboring wall, and I don't know where else because they disappeared there. A distance of about 70 feet or so, I would guess.
And leaf cutter ants! All over the place!
And they also came from another tree at the back of the house and joined up at the neighboring wall as well. Crazy ants. So that was a fun discovery, we sat there watching them for like 15 minutes, mesmerized. 

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