Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #28 - Day #190 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 25, 2015

So, I don't know what happened to my AlphaSmart (my little key-boardy device that I use to write my journal-blog entries).  It didn't want to work yesterday, so I got a whole lot of catching up to do! But we'll start with today and backtrack. Anyways. Today was good, had our District Meeting and them went to the baptism of Edwin, his wife has been member for about 20 years, I think, and about 2 years ago he started investigating the Church. And happy day!  He'll be confirmed this coming Sunday.
And from there we basically didn't follow our original plans, but we met some cool new people and taught some really good lessons, finally, so I think it all worked out in the end.  And then ran by the church for a minute to say hi to some investigators that were playing futbol, and I ended up talking to Wuendy (a convert of 1.5 years, her dad is in the Stake Presidency, super awesome family... we have dinner with them on Wednesdays and Fridays) about boys, marriage, and missions, so that was fun.  I'm actually getting pretty good at Spanish to be able to talk about all that stuff! So I was proud of myself. And it was nice to talk to a girl about my age again, and just have a relaxed few minutes. We run and run and run, and sometimes it's good to have a little break. So that was nice.

In other news, me pego la gripe! Or I got that weird postnasal drip, congestion, sore throat, sneezing thing that I get twice a year, so I'm a little sad about that. I woke up with a sore throat and everything and thought, oh no, hopefully it goes away during the day, and it stayed sort of on the back burner, but then at about 5:00 pm or so, it got serious. So I'm taking my meds and drinking water and everything, just gotta give it a few days to cycle through. I think it might be caused by allergies or the whole weather change thing, so it's probably a combination of a whole lot of things. So I'm dealing with that right now, whoohoo. I gotta work on my sarcasm, though, as I scared an investigator into thinking that I was actually gonna die from my head cold thing, so she started giving me all her advice on sicknesses and such.

She saw that I wasn't looking so good and I said "Ah, si hermana, voy a morir" and she said "En serio!  Que tiene!  Hay un monton de personas con enfermedades ahora, mire, ve, conozco a muchas personas que estan muertos por cancer en el estomago, y infartos (heart attacks), y la azucar (diabetes) tambien!"  "Ah, es que, estoy con la gripe" "Anda con gripe! Ay hermana, tiene que tomar un jugito de limon y comer un diente (clove) de ajo, picado, porque es un antibiotico, va. El limon es buenissimo por la gripe. Y descansar! Porque si vaya andando en la calle asi, va estar peor por el polvo y sol y todo. Hmf! Ay, esta gripe bendita, tiene que cuidarle, hermanita."

Translation: [She saw that I wasn't looking so good and I said "Ah, yes Sister, I will die" and she said, “really!?” What is wrong?  There are a lot of people suffering from diseases, now, look, see, I know of many people who have died from stomach cancer, heart attacks, and diabetes too! “Ah, I have the flu”  “You have the flu!  Oh my, Sister, you have to drink lime juice and eat a chopped garlic clove because this is an antibiotic, eh.  Lime is great for the flu. And rest!  If you keep walking on the street like this, you will get worse due to the dust, sun and everything else.  Hmf!  Oh my, the flu, you have to take care, Sister.”]

She's awesome, I like her. I've gotta come home and do all my impressions for ya'll, the people have such a funny cadence of speech and everything. Everything's exaggerated and dramatic, it's great. I think I taught fairly flat, sometimes, because if I talked like everyone else I think I might just be laughing the whole time. But yeah, she's the same lady that launched into her soliloquy on why Coke is bad for you. She's a great lady.
I also got to eat chicken liver for the first time in my life today, and I don't like it. Ech. We got invited to lunch and we got a plate full of rice, spaghetti, and 2 chicken livers, each. I did manage to eat almost all of mine, and all my rice and spaghetti, although I honestly was trying not to throw up the entire time. I know liver is good for you and stuff, but it tastes like iron and blood and I do not like the texture. Plus, I kept remembering from my classes when we studied shark and fish livers, and also from my anatomy stuff up in BYU of all those wonderful cadavers, so that made it an interesting time as well. So yeah, can't say I'm in love with liver, but I'll eat it if I have to. Sorry to any liver-lovers out there. Ech.

Also met a lady who had her first child at age 10, and has 5 kids, the youngest is 14, oldest is 18. So that was kinda crazy, didn't know you could do that. People here have kids really young, and unmarried, but usually it's not until about 13-16 years old or so. Also met another lady who has been with her "esposo" since she was 14, he was 22, and started having kids when she was 16. Been together ever since, but don't have plans to get married. Crazy. Can't begin thinking what my life would be like, I could very well have 6 or 7 kids by now, unmarried, staying at home and making tortillas.

But yeah, overall good day, my Tabcin capsules [decongestant] are making me sleepy, so I'm gonna head to bed. Goodnight.

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