Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015 -- Week #26 - Day #178 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 13, 2015

I ate lychee fruit today! Not quite sure how to spell that, but you say (lee'cha) and it's a small, thumb-sized reddish pink fruit with soft curly spines outside. The way you open it is to part the skin with your fingernails on the end, and pull it open like a clamshell, and then you see the fruit inside, which looks and tastes kinda like an unpeeled grape, with a seed like an almond nut inside. Pretty neat, huh? Like a super combo fruit. So I can also check that off my list of interesting foods, but I think I'll continue to eat lychee, they're yummy.

Today I would also like to belatedly thank my reading and watching of the "Lord of the Rings," as we passed by the church last night and took part in some English classes given by E Pocock (I helped explain some things as well) and I had to give a riddle to the people there. So, of course, the ultimate riddle is (What have I got in my pocket), but that doesn't technically really count as a riddle, so I gave the (28 white horses) one, and the answer was, of course, teeth. Very few people got that one, most were working on the pronunciation and understanding of the words, but that's alright. I was just impressed that I still remembered the riddle, it seems like ages since I remembered LOTR exists. (apologies to hard-core LOTR fans!)
Anyways, so that was fun, we walked around a lot today, and visited a lady that was telling us all about how terrible Coke is for your body, so she gave us juice instead, thank you, wonderful lady! I like her, she's smart. I still miss root beer, it doesn't exist here. Sometimes there's Sprite, but the mix always seems off and doesn't taste right. There's not much else in way of sodas, there's some Fanta and grape or banana, and the inevitable Pepsi and Coca Cola. But I'm still pretty attached to my water bottle, so we're doing good.

Pretty much just a chill day, it was cloudy, so it was cool, and around 6:00 pm the light went out, so we had to go home because it was dark, but then it came back on a little bit later, so we left and visited Noemi, and she gave us a delicious dinner of tostadas with ground beef, aguacate, ketchup, parmesan cheese and lettuce, and also some cookies and fruit punch, so we got some awesome blessings! And then came back home, planned, and got ready for bed. Goodnight!

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