Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 -- Week #26 - Day #176 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 11, 2015

We get to ride a bus for 40-60 min and pay 30 lemps each way to get to and from District Meeting... little bit different from walking 15-20 mins like we did in Smith! But it was good, got to meet up with Elderes Interiano and Comin from Smith, and E Miguel from the office, and a bunch of others from previous hospital trips, so that was interesting and kinda fun.

Came home and had lunch and did some visits, still looking for more people to teach. This area is a little bit tougher than Smith, so it's been an interesting challenge. The game continues!
LOVE boxes from HOME!!
But, happy day, I got my packages from my family! So now I have a bunch of fun sticky notes and Texas shirts and flash-drives with songs and a whole lot of other wonderful things. Thanks family!
Sticky notes, calendar, pens... Thanks Mom!
A special thank you for the jelly!
I know that's kinda a random thing to send, but it is perfect!

(so much better than the "plastic jelly" from Day #67)

I was able to have a PBJ with my black raspberry jam and close my eyes and pretend I was home with you for a little bit!

Letters and Rainbow Loom bracelets
from the Ordaz Family!
AAAAANNNNDDDD I finally got my sandals! Whoohoo! I was waiting for those, and now I'm super happy they're here.
They are way super comfy and I don't feel every single of the 24 bajilllion rocks we walk over every day. They seem to have some good arch support, and it's fun to be able to wiggle my toes around every once in a while. And they're waterproof, so that's perfect for when it rains, as it always does, especially in the evening. Way to go, Dad!
Water sandals from Daddy! Homemade TX Bear from Lyndsey!
Home, Sweet Home!

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