Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 -- Week #26 - Day #177 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to Pres Dester! Weird how we have birthdays and Christmases in the mission, life keeps going on even if you're not quite in it!
Today was Wednesday, was a pretty good day, we walked 40 min from a visit to our lunch appointment, so that was fun. And took a bus to and from part of our area to go teach some people that turned out not being there, so we taught some other people instead. 

Also shelled a bunch of red beans, so that was seriously the highlight of my day, that was so fun and relaxing. That sounds really sad when the best part of the day was shelling beans, but it was fun to open the greenish-white pods and scoop out the blush-dark red colored beans and drop them in my lap, and then swish my hand around in my bean pile. So cool!

And I saw a toucan for the first time, it was at a house in a birdcage, and I only saw it from far away, but I thought that was pretty neat. Maybe when we go by the house again we can pass by the toucan and say hi!

There's also some little rivers running around this area, so I love that. It always smells sweet and planty around those spots, so I like to pass by them as they're on the way to a cita. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking around a camp site just because it's so not city, and that's the closest thing I can describe with all my area that we walk through all day. Basically a ginormous, tropical campsite. With small, cinder block houses. 

And, most people here don't have fans, I've discovered, so that's a bit different. Of course, A-C doesn't exist, that's a given. But there also seems to be less mosquitoes, and WAY more flies... I'm not exactly sure why. Problem is, there's repellent for mosquitoes, but not for flies. Ugh. Flies are not my favorite thing in the world.

And, what else? Keeping in mind that it gets hot in Honduras and there's not a whole lot in the way of food conservation, it's actually a better idea to buy the little packets of chips in the pulperias here whenever you feel like eating chips, than to buy a big bag at the store (basically a huge pulperia) here and eat them at home. Reason being, the big bags are from name brands, therefore much more expensive, therefore nobody buys them, therefore they go bad because the stock doesn't get rotated because there's no demand. Bad chips don't taste good and make your tummy hurt. Whereas the little chips from some Central American brand or something get rotated through a lot faster, as everyone buys them. Little bit different from buying in bulk like back home. You gotta practice impulse buying here.

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