Friday, August 14, 2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015 -- Week #25 - Day #171 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 6, 2015

Well, I'm back to using my snowflake blanket, it rained really hard last night, and I got cold, big surprise.  It's cooler in Santa Cruz than in SPS, you still sweat and stuff, but it is a lot cooler.

Today was good, still getting to know the area, I honestly cannot figure out how these streets are laid out... going from grid system to something like it, but with it being so rural and with all the elevation changes I lose my bearings.  And it's my second day, so I get a break for at least 3 weeks, as that's when divisions start up again... that's gonna be fun.

Here, they give us lunch and dinner, and everyone that leaves this area is at least 20 lbs heavier.  Ugh. I'm so used to not having dinner that having to eat makes me feel really heavy and solid. And everyone keeps saying that you can't say no to food, you have to eat everything, and that they especially want the gringos to get fatter, so they give them extra. Gonna be interesting. Once again, good thing that there's a lot of hills here.

We're actually living in a 10 ft x12 ft room, with a little bathroom attached (the toilet and sink are a red color this time) in the house of a member. Our normal house is getting the ceiling and stuff fixed, so we're in this situation until the end of month, when we'll move our stuff again to the original house, just in time for changes again. Whoohoo! It's an adventure to take a shower, as the water comes in from a PVC pipe in the wall, and is really, really cold. But it's wonderful to still be able to take a shower every night.
Hermana Rosas - My NEW Companion!
Hna Rosas is wonderful, she's from Mexico, and has 8 siblings... big family. She knows the area and members very well, and is patient. I think we work very well together in the lessons, considering we're both still kinda new at this whole missionary thing.

We had Coordinacion Misional today at 3:00 pm, that went well. Our Ward Mission Leader is good, we have a bunch of activities planned already to involve the members in la obra misional [missionary work], so that's pretty awesome. The problem with our area specifically is that there are only 3 member families that live there, so it's harder to have lessons with members, and the fact that we don't actually have any investigators as well. So that's a little different than Smith, where we had the majority of our lessons with members and we had a good chunk of the ward in our area. Adaptation!

But, I'm super tired, got some sore muscles in my thighs and rear from all the upward climbing etc, and calves and ankles from all the wobbly rocks, so I think I'm quite ready for bed!

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