Thursday, August 27, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #27 - Day #189 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 24, 2015

Pday! Whoo! Quote of the day:  "Los amigos son como las estrellas, no siempre hablas con ellas, pero tu sabes que siempre estan alli." or "Friends are like the stars, you don't always talk to them, but you know that they're always there."  Very true, as I have a limited window of communication, but I know you guys are there. Love ya!
Had a chill day, washed clothes for about 2 hours, then when they were mostly dry I sprayed them with permethrin, so hopefully that will help protect me from all the icky zancudos [mosquitoes].  Gotta love Honduras, right?

But, good news, I bought a bag of lychee! Whoohoo! They go for 1 lemp each, or a bag for 20 lemps and you get more like 26 or so, thought that was a better deal. So I brought them home and washed them and now I'm enjoying eating lychee. Also bought a ton of fruits and veggies (including the lychee) for about 80 lemps, or roughly $4, so that's pretty neat. I tell everyone about price conversions, and that everything really is very expensive in the states. They couldn't believe that $4 wouldn't get you half of what I bought. And apparently it's all much cheaper in Guatemala as well.
My harvest! Super delicious!
I also made some chamomile tea from a bunch of chamomile (now that I'm writing from back to the future, that may have been what set me off on my gripe thing, will do further investigation on the subject), like, here's a chamomile plant, you dry it out, and then boil it in the water to make tea. Add sugar, and drink! It tasted fantastic, kinda fun to use whole chamomile instead of the little tea bags. Definitely tasted like chamomile. It's interesting to learn all the plant names in Spanish, I've been hearing about "manzanilla" since I got to Honduras, and recently figured out that it meant the chamomile plant because Hna Rosas bought some manzanilla eye-drops or something and there was a picture of chamomile. The tea episode also confirmed the fact. I know most of the spices in Spanish, and basic fruits and veggies, so I'm learning! Also cooking terms are important to know as well. Basically I just gotta learn Spanish.
Also me, I don't know how well that
turned out, but it's my face, at least!
But I gotta make sure that I plant myself a little garden in the future, and grow some chamomile, basil, mint and lavender, along with some other plants, but I like to use those guys primarily, so I look forward to that day!
And most women here have really long fingernails that they all take care of, most people actually had short fingernails over in SPS. They're rarely painted here, but all the women have their long fingernails. Some of the guys, as well, but I don't like that as much. Sometimes it's just the thumb or pinky, or all of them. Interesting.

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