Friday, August 14, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 -- Week #25 - Day #169 - San Pedro Sula

August 4, 2015

Said goodbye to a lot of wonderful people, I'm gonna miss area Smith, and all the hospitaling, and topo gigios, and our little house, and all the youth that come on visits with us, and the huge mountains to the west, and everything else. I feel like I'm back at the beginning of my mission, waiting to find out where I'm going and what it's gonna be like.
Last photo's with Zona El Carmen!
Had District Meeting again, and took a bunch of photos, I'm gonna miss our silly elderes as well. About half the zone is leaving, and we get 3 of the newbie elderes that will be trained in our zone, pretty neat, huh?  I'll have mission brothers! Well, I think they're actually partly half brothers, because E Lyon (who is training) is my stepdad, but Hna Robles is my full mother, but they're her full sons... I'm not completely sure what they are to me. But, that's pretty crazy to have 3 newbies in the same zone, that should be fun for them to be able to talk to each other, I've only seen Hna Gutierrez and Hna Escobar from my arrival group one time apiece since I've been here, I have no idea where the elderes are.
Elderes Martinez, Hermana Robles, me!
Me and Hermana Barrie           
Elderes Lyon, Hna Robles, Hna Mower
Elderes Ambler
Elderes Meono

But yeah, los nuevitos!  Gonna miss meeting all the newbies every change during the health training. This time we got 2 gringos from Utah, 2 latinos from Tegucigalpa, 1 latino from Columbia, and 4 latina hnas.  3 of the new elderes are going to my zone to train, pretty neat!

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