Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #27 - Day #187 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 22, 2015

I saw Hna Robles again! She is so beautiful, and was super excited to see me again, too! I realized just how busy it is to be enfermera, we only had a minute or two together and she had to go to a hospital cita.  But she's doing great, Hna Estacuy is wonderful, I love her, and I was able to give Hna Robles a note I wrote with the little package from my family to her before she took off (thanks family, that was super thoughtful! I used some of my new pretty sticky notes to write the translation of what the little tags said and everything, so don't worry about that) and she was happily surprised to receive that. She later texted (as they were in the hospital) and said that my note made her cry and that she loves the gifts from my family. Puchica, I miss her, she's awesome.
Hermana Robles!

In exchange, I got a bag of meds that I then proceded to hand out to various missionaries so they didn't have to wait until Tuesday for them to come in the Ruta (the mission's inter-area stuff exchange system, kinda like what we use for mailing) and also because she couldn't stay to hand them out herself. So that was fun, got to visit with all the enfermitos again! Good times. 

But yeah, we woke up kinda early (5:45 am) to get ready and hop on a bus to head up to SPS to get to the conference on time, we got to the Terminal (which is a few minutes outside SPS, it's like an airport for buses, basically, even got a security scanner that you walk through and they X-ray your bags... although we pick up people on the side of the road while on the way to the destination, so it's a good thought, at least) and then took a taxi up to the Benque, getting there literally on the dot. So that was pretty impressive. Found some seats and listened to the conference, talked to a bunch of people afterwards, and took a taxi back to the Terminal, paid for our tickets, hopped back on the bus to Santa Cruz, rode for a wonderful 2 hours, and had lunch in el Parque and ate a hamburger and fries and had a little strawberry ice cream popsicle. Then did some visits, had dinner, and came back home. Busy day.
The conference was broadcast from Tegus, so we were able to watch it. The Comayaguela and Tegucigalpa Missions were there in attendance with their Mission Presidents and their wives, also Elder Cordon of the Seventy, President Duncan and his wife, and President Nelson. They all spoke, and it was wonderful to listen to all that they had to say. I loved hearing President Nelson, he has a good sense of humor, and made some very good points that I will learn more about in Personal Study time this coming week. I also saw some buddies from the Guatemala CCM! E High gave the opening prayer, and I saw E Ang and Hna Blanchard in the sea of missionaries over there. That was pretty darn cool.  I don't have anyone from my CCM district with me in my mission, so I was happy to see them again, even though they couldn't see me.  E High's Spanish is much improved, still can't shake his accent, but he seems to be doing great. I still have the little card that Hna Blanchard made for me, and E Ang seemed to be his wonderfully funny self.  It's fun to see us being actual missionaries, and not just in training as little fledglings in the CCM. Made me smile.

In other news, I can testify of conditioning training! Or whatever it's called in psychology, I honestly think I've forgotten a good portion of everything I've learned in my education up to this point, whoops. Hna Robles and I took so many taxis and always contacted the drivers, so as soon as we hopped in to go back the Terminal, I started talking to the driver and everything, kinda funny how it started to flow out so smoothly from all that practice, it had become muscle memory. Weird! And so cool. All of it just as a normal routine, wait on the corner, hail, haggle over the price, hop in, start talking, boom. You just did a contact, my friend. Invite them to church, leave them with a pamphlet to read or a little pass-along card with a link to watch a Church video, all part of it. I had an awesome trainer, and I have been taught well. And, of course, it was nice to have such a familiar experience again in the midst of adjusting to Santa Cruz, I was happily surprised.

Anyways, last bit of fun and excitement: I made tortillas! Well, I actually flipped them, as the masa was already made and Estefani was forming them. But it's hard to flip those little guys, because they were cooking on a comal (coh-MAHL), or a sheet of metal over a fire, and you have to use your fingers, and it's really hot. So I burnt my fingertips a little, but I should be fine. Everyone was totally confused as to why we don't normally make tortillas at my home and why I wasn't a pro already at flipping super hot tortillas on this big metal stove thing. But, I think I did pretty well, definitely need some more practice. I think it would be a little easier if I had a knife or spatula or twig or something to lift up the edge, then I could use my fingers to flip it all over, or just use a spatula, period. Less health hazards. But that's how we roll here in Honduras!

So yup, good day, excited for Sunday! Good night!

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