Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015 -- Week #26 - Day #181 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 16, 2015

Soooo all our citas fell through today... I honestly don't want to have you read all my complaints from this week, as that's not the purpose of this journal, but today was a bit of a hard day. And it also rained as we were walking around, so that was fun to share my umbrella with Hna Rosas, but I had my handy-dandy sandals on (thanks again, Dad!), so I was happy.

We walked all over creation, and no one was home or they were all busy with visitors, as it usually is on Sundays, so we felt kinda useless today. And our dinner appointment got canceled, so that was awesome as well.

Anyways, enough sad stuff, I got some interesting news for ya! Apparently you can have a raccoon as a pet, as we saw it going on a walk with the owner this afternoon... I have honestly forgotten that raccoons existed, as I haven't seen one in forever it feels like. So that really surprised me, Hna Rosas doesn't know what it's called in Spanish, so I'm guessing she hasn't seen very many in her lifetime, she was very, very surprised to see a raccoon.
Racoon (mapache)
Today also felt like an autumn day, which was bizarre, reminded me a lot of home all throughout the afternoon. It was the angle of the sun and the way the air felt and smelled, kinda cool and clean, and the sun was still really warm on you when you're in the light, but the shadows are cool... it seriously felt like an early Texas autumn. Totally weird.

Also, it's interesting to move areas and find people with the same names as those in your previous areas, you have to learn to assign them to the same name, even though they're totally different people. Naturally, that's how the world works, but it's still tricky sometimes because you associate so strongly with the name that person, and then to have to tell yourself that someone else is that name as well is interesting because that name is so much that person. All part of adjusting, you know.

Aaaaand tomorrow's Pday again! Whoohoo! Apparently our zone is going to some kind of wildlife park called "Joya Grande," so I'll see how that all turns out tomorrow.  Goodnight!

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