Friday, August 14, 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015 -- Week #25 - Day #174 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 9, 2015

First Sunday over in Santa Cruz, and it was good. Walked a good 20-30 mins between citas all over creation, I feel like we've added the super-extended version of the "Y Mountain Trail" into the eternal Girl's Camp mix, albeit it's a few degrees cooler. I think I found a few new muscles that don't get worked when walking around on flat pavement, so that's quite exciting.
"Y" Mountain in Provo, UT (by BYU)
I am also officially called "Barbie" by everyone, on account of my whiteness, and, as usual, there is difficulty in the pronunciation of my last name, but that's alright.  It's funny because you learn all the gringo missionaries' (how do you do plural in English?) names how the people down here say them, gonna be weird if we meet up again after the mission.  "Ey, que tal, Eldeeerrrr... Coh-meen?"  Although we wouldn't say "Elder" anymore, it would be their first name, and that's even weirder. Missions mess with your brain, man!

But I also saw 2 little baby cows (I know they're called calves, but they looked just like little 4 foot tall versions of the mommy cows, and not like the calves I was used to seeing) as we were hiking around the Honduran countryside, one was brown and the other black.
Just chilling on the side of the road (whenever I say road it really means rock trail) and munching some grasses. We could hear the mom lowing off in the distance. Hay de todo aqui en Honduras [There is everything here in Honduras], horses chilling in the meridian islands in SPS, baby cows watching ya in Santa Cruz, a whole lot of parrots and birds adding their sounds, dogs barking AAAAALLLLLL over the place, cats running around, bugs of all sorts buzzing and chirping and flitting about... it's hard to find a truly quiet spot.  But it's all good. Tomorrow's Pday! And I'm really tired, goodnight!

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