Friday, August 14, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015 -- Week #25 - Day #173 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 8, 2015

Today was Saturday... walked around a lot. Like 30 minutes to an investigator's house. But it's all good, I think our area's pretty big. Still recovering a little bit from the stomach bug, but today I felt much better, by tomorrow I should be perfect... the only problem is that I can't stomach la comida catracha [local Honduran food] right now, as it's mostly fried and full of rice and beans and cheese and Coke for beverage, so much to everyone's surprise and not understanding, I'm eating oatmeal and vegetables and drinking water. I'm gonna have a fun time convincing everyone to not give me huge amounts of food for dinner as well, as we are given both lunch and dinner in this area. But I seriously don't have that much hunger at night and I sleep better if I'm not jam-packed with copious amounts of the afore-mentioned foods. So we'll see how that plays out... stubborn Hna Mower and "delicate" gringo stomach vs. hardcore traditional ward members... let the games begin!

In other news we visited this one family, and they were complementing my eyes, and I thought they said they looked like apio, which is celery, instead of Barbie, the doll... whoops.
It's cause the fan was blowing and it's always a lot harder to understand when there's that sound and music playing and motos [motorcycles] passing and kids crying and dogs barking and running around... you get the picture. Anyways, we all laughed about that. I was confused because my eyes are blue, not green, so I thought it was because they're a clearer color? But Barbie makes more sense, as she has blue eyes as well. It still throws me off to look in the mirror or pictures and see that I'm quite white and blue-eyed, all I see around me are Spanish-speaking, darker-skinned, brown-eyed people, and since I speak Spanish and don't see myself that often during the day, I guess I think I fit right in sometimes... weird how that happens in your brain. I guess I understand how those funny animal pairs you hear about exist... a goat grows up with a litter of dogs and think it belongs with all of them. Weird.

We also washed [laundry] in the biggest pila I have ever seen in my time here in Honduras, it was about 5x8x4 ft, and all cement. They take water storage very seriously here, as it seems like it goes out more often than in SPS, the electricity also goes out almost daily as well. Welcome to Honduras, take 2 [clapper board].
Outside of our house
Our concrete pila and wash board
Laundry day!
What else did we do today? We ran by the market to buy some fruits and veggies and I bought a papaya (good for cleaning up your tummy) as big as a rugby ball, 2 fat juicy limes about 4 inches long, 3 cucumbers of goodly size, and an avocado the size of a Honduran mango (aka, big)... all for 50 lemps, or a little less than $2.50. Sweet deal, right? I love Honduran produce prices.

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