Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #28 - Day #192 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

August 27, 2015

Well, today I actually felt better, so we carried on! I think I should be fine by tomorrow, just have some residual congestion that comes and goes, and my voice is a tad bit tired sounding, but nothing hurts anymore. Go modern medicine!

Today was good, walked around a lot, taught some lessons, got to know some more interesting people. We just keep on going over here in Santa Cruz, tomorrow we're planning on saying goodbye to a bunch of investigators because they aren't progressing, so that'll be interesting. We're on the hunt for new people, and we're slowly building our numbers. Very slowly, but surely. Gonna require some more effort on our part, I think, but I'm happy to be companions with Hna Rosas, we definitely learn something from every companion and area.

It's nice because we get home and grab something to eat, and then sit outside and talk about the day, our families, the investigators we're working with, all sorts of things. And it was interesting how we were discussing this one hermano that we got to know on Tuesday, we had a lesson with him today, and we were trying to understand why he could accept so much of the gospel but was so impeded by one little detail mentioned in the Book of Mormon and kept returning to it, again and again and again during the lesson, refusing to move on from it. And as we were talking about that, something clicked in my head and it felt like all the pieces had fallen together. I explained my thoughts to Hna Rosas, and she also was in agreement and a little surprised actually, at how much sense it made. So now we feel that we have a better understanding of how to go about teaching this hermano, because we kept explaining this concept to him and we weren't going anywhere. So we'll see where this goes, we hope for the better.  click:  Enos 1:10
I dreamed again last night, it's been a while! Granted, you always dream, you just remember all of what your subconscious was working out when you wake up. I think this one was in English, but as is more often now, there weren't a lot of words spoken, just kinda thoughts and feelings, like an understanding of the plot and what the characters were doing, as opposed to dialogue. Ha saber porque. Also, turned out to be a war dream, which surprised me, to be honest. Haven't had one of those since I started my mission. So that was interesting.

Also, the power went out again this morning, twice, and in the afternoon. And probably some more times, but we were out walking around by then (we had Weekly Planning in the morning so we stayed home until after lunchtime). Silly electricity. Makes it a little hard to make oatmeal for breakfast or cook an egg or warm up leftovers or anything. So oftentimes I have cereal, fruit, PBJ for bfast and lunch, depending on if the stove has the capacity to turn on or not. Ah, gotta love Honduras. I'm sure it's worse in other places, but it's still a little bit annoying.

So yeah, pretty good day, it didn't seem overly hot, which was nice, I'm getting better, and now we get to go to bed! Yay! Got another day tomorrow to get ready for.

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