Monday, April 13, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 -- Week #8, Day #51 San Pedro Sula

April 8, 2015  9:32 pm
SOOO much hospital-ing today!  Many sick people, mostly elderes... silly boys. So that took most of our morning / afternoon, going back and forth between 3 hospitals and labs and stuff. Don't do stupid things and drink lots of clean water, puchica! (latin-american equivalent of the sentiments expressed by the English word "dang")

So yeah, today was fun, we talked to a lot of people as we were walking around, and we visited with a group of guys who were absolutely convinced that I was from Utah, not Texas. So that was an interesting conversation. According to them, Mormons in the states only live in Idaho and Utah, and Texas is full of Mexicans, and since I am white and Mormon, I am therefore from Utah. Very sound logic, I think, something along the lines of the Law of Syllogism? 

Also, I have been told many times that my eyes are just so beautiful and that I look like a china doll, so I'll take that as a complement, as my makeup routine currently consists of sunscreen and mascara.  Living the life of luxury!
But the people here really are wonderful, some interesting ones, but that's normal for anywhere. We usually have lunch or dinner provided by someone, and it's all good food, so I'm grateful for that. Hna Robles eats so fast, so I'm left there trying to eat my rice quickly, but she talks to the people while I shovel down my plate full of food, so it works out pretty well.
Also, I'm grateful for my filtration water bottle, the Church pays for these little guys (they're actually quite big, I think they hold like 32 oz or something) that retail for something like $40 a pop, and they're some of the best filters in the world.  So on the food and water ends I'm taken care of.
However, to any upcoming missionaries I would advise to bring "Tiger Balm" or some kind of muscle relaxant-rub, and a yoga mat, because your body gets so achy and tired, and also the tile floor is quite hard when you do exercises at 6:35 am... so I might suggest that, in addition to sunscreen and bug spray and a whole lot of underwear.  Also, any recipes you want to bring from home, those are good, too. And a little pocket calendar or something to mark the general days, the agendas we have are fantastic and everything, but you don't have a big-scope view of what's happening, you're so micro-zoomed in on the days. But that's just me.
In other news from Honduras, I would like to inform the world that there seem to be no posted speed limits, and thus the cars travel quite fast in a myriad of patterns. And also I can't find any expiration dates on the food products. Good thing we bless stuff before we eat it!
10:12 pm
I just now got off the phone with an elder that needed help figuring out how to clean and use a thermometer, and he complemented me on sounding very smart and medical-ly, and couldn't believe that I had 8 days in the mission and was wondering if I was the new nurse. So that was kinda funny, poor guy, we got him figured out, eventually. So, Public Service Announcement to people in charge of other people:  please instruct said people on how to perform basic medical procedures.  20-something-year-old's in their last transfer should probably have some idea of how to utilize thermometers and cotton balls with alcohol applied to them.  And also, please don't take NyQuil if you think you have Chikungunya virus.  That doesn't really help the situation.  May you all be healthy and well, and live a long life full of happiness and laughter.  Peace out.

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