Monday, April 13, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015 -- Week #8, Day #53 San Pedro Sula

April 10, 2015  10:20 pm

Just finished my paperwork!  As we get back into our "normal" day schedule, there is a lot of work that goes into being a nurse, we had a few emergency visits today, so we had to cancel 2 of our teaching appointments, very sad. Hopefully tomorrow we can teach more.

But, I got some new sticky notes from the office today, so I'm pretty thrilled about that, it's the little things, ya know!  Also, I would like to announce that I had a Peanut Butter / Frosting sandwich for breakfast today, and it was delicious!  Figured I earned some sugar (we don't eat many sweets here, at least with Hna Robles, and I'm perfectly fine with that).  So it's been a pretty fun day. 
Also, a side note of medicine, please make sure that you take medication labeled "day" during the day, and medication labeled "night" during the night.  It's not a very good idea to switch them around... I am always amazed at the fantastic people we help here... we must have some serious armies of angels helping these missionaries out!  But it's good, just kinda funny.

But, good news, I finally got my Easter letter from my family, it looks like it takes about 3 weeks or so to receive mail!  Hna Robles says it takes like 2.5 months to get something from Peru, so I'm quite grateful for my lag time, not too bad in comparison.  So that was nice to read through and pick out the mistakes of Google translate!  I see why our teachers in school hate that thing, I still think it's quite helpful for a few words at a time, though. But yeah, that was pretty neat.  Hi family!  I love you!
Families are Forever

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