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Friday, April 3, 2015 -- Week #7, Day #46 San Pedro Sula

April 3, 2015  2:21 pm

Good Morning!
Braids!  Most people don't know how to braid here...
let alone do a double french on one's self!
Just had lunch, Hna Robles made Spanish tortillas, and they were delicious. We have a tiny little 2 burner electrical stove that we have sitting on the ground, so I felt like I was camping as we were preparing lunch, it was pretty fun.
I had a somewhat of a rough time with Spanish this morning, it's always a little tricky to get my brain back into language mode that early, so we took a break and sorted that out, and I'm perfectly fine now. Getting better and better each day, still tricky to get through the Honduran way of dropping half of the words, but I'm understanding some more, and that's at least some progress, in my book. Hna Robles is learning some English for the test when she gets back home (on the 26th of April, I believe she will have been in the field for 11 months!) and we learned "coconut" and "The man is angry", quite useful phrases.
Part of my desk
and my WELCOME note from Hna Robles

We also went over food names as we were cooking lunch. I'm also learning a lot of medical terms in Spanish, and taking anatomy has really helped as they are more closely related than the English words for things are (case in point:  "renal" is "kidney" in both cases, as well as "cerebrum" and "cerebro" compared to "brain" ...English is so weird!)  But it's fun to translate everyone's health issues from Hna Robles and relay them to Hna Dester every other day or so, and then relay back to Hna Robles what she said concerning them. So yeah, I enjoy that, thank goodness for Latin and Greek!
Also, there were some clouds this morning, so that was really nice as we were walking around to have slightly cooler weather, now it's pretty hot again. Our poor little house is quite warm, as always, as most of the dwellings here are also quite warm... actually any structure is hot. Also outside is hot. But I guess it's a blessing to have the sun and roads and houses and running water, although we can't drink it, but somehow it's alright to wash our dishes and fruit and things in it, and then use them, but, I haven't gotten sick yet (crossing fingers!) so I guess it's alright.  Anyway, I guess I'm just saying that it's quite warm here. Although, E Wing (from Nevada) said that this is the hottest time during the year, so it can only get better from here. I don't know how much better, but it will be better.
And I really do like it here, this is one of the nicest areas to work in, E Wing was telling me about some others he's worked in, the people there have a little hut with a mud floor in the middle of nowhere that's about 20 sq feet and 8 people live there... crazy.
My house
looking to the window from my desk
Our little half-broom
It makes a valiant effort to help me clean!

10:02 pm
Tengo bastante sueno! Estoy bien cansada... basically, I'm very tired.  I've learned in my 4 days here that you use "bastante" to indicate a great amount of something, and can use "bien" as a way to express "muy", por ejemplo:  "Ella habla bastante!" "She talks a lot", "El fue bien enojado" "He was very upset", "que bien chistoso" "that's very funny - that's hilarious", also "bien tarde" for "very late"... interesting stuff, it's fun to pick up on new words and how to use them. People are always amazed at how well I know Spanish, I still struggle with some of the speakers here, but Hna Robles is an angel and is helping me out a lot. Most of the time I just need her to basically repeat what the person said, since I understand her perfectly, and often even she doesn't understand what these people are saying. As Hno Garcia said in the CCM, Hondurans have some of the worst Spanish, but they are good people.
I also received 4 mosquito bites (picas del mosquito) last night, so I'm making sure I bug proof myself tonight, not really a fan of getting sick from a stupid virus right now.
 Also, fun fact, it's very offensive to say something / one is "estupido", so don´t say that in Spanish.
10:25 pm
Today was good, I'm getting into the swing of things around here, participating in lessons, so that's good. It's difficult to understand a lot of the people here because of their Honduran accent (because we're in Honduras now) and they drop literally half the letters of the word, and even Hna Robles has a little bit of difficulty with some of them. She's from Peru, and I understand her almost perfectly, so that's really good. So now I've got Mexican, Guatemalan, and Peruvian dialects down, I'll need to work on my Honduran Spanish next!
There's some interesting things down here, people included, so everyday is pretty different, granted I've only had 3 days in Honduras, but it is quite different from the States and also the CCM. But, it's good, the eternal Girl's Camp experience continues!
We had Marisol come teach with us today, she's a convert of 4 years, and she's amazing, can barely understand a word she says, but she's awesome, I like her a lot.
So I'm going to bed now, long day, still not sunburned or have Dengue [Dengue virus is a leading cause of illness and death in the tropics and subtropics.  Dengue is caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes] or Chikungunya [a virus transmitted to people by mosquitoes], so that's a really good thing, I am developing a lovely shoe tan line on my feet, I think my arms and face are still pretty white.

And we set 2 baptismal dates with investigators, so that's also something to be happy about. So yup, all's well in paradise!

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