Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015 -- Month #2, Week #9, Day #61 San Pedro Sula

April 18, 2015  10:02 pm

Happy 2 month birthday to me! Hna Robles made a sweet little card for me, I really am blessed to have her be my trainer and companion, I've got a very good example to follow after.

Today was pretty good, actually taught some lessons that we had planned, so that was nice. A lot of the time I couldn't understand what these people were saying, but sometimes little sentences pop into my head of what I could respond with to their torrent of words, so that's a blessing.

Also, it was my turn to pray as we left the house, and I said we were thankful for the "goz y paza" [go and peace] that the Gospel brings to people, instead of "gozo y paz", or joy and peace... Hna Robles just laughed and said that God is really good at understanding all kinds of prayers and always encourages us to speak from our hearts, even if it sometimes comes out wrong. So that was kinda funny, as I normally don't trip up like that, but that happens in English a lot too, so I don't worry, just thought it was funny it's starting to happen in Spanish as well.
Hna Robles and I were chilling on the floor of our house after planning, just talking, and she told me the story of how she was climbing a tree and broke her leg, and that's how she's on a mission, and I said how it's a little tricky to climb trees where I'm from, and I discovered that her last name "Robles" means "Oaks"!  How neat is that?

Also, we don't have an ironing board, so I'm a pro now at ironing my shirts on the bed... it's actually kinda fun, I don't know if I should recommend trying it sometime, Momma might get mad at me!  Haha!

But as for teaching today, that went pretty well, this one guy felt it was necessary to recount to us the entire Noah and the Ark story to illustrate his belief that prophets are important, so that was fun. And a little kid wanted to show me all his Dragon Ball cards and asked me what the character's names were in English, so that was my first taste of Dragon Ball, I can't say I understand exactly happens with it.  The show was also playing on the TV in Spanish, but all I really got from it was there was this really muscular golden dude that was chasing after these 2 kids that wanted this orange ball, and a girl that can float on water had to go do something really important, and then the golden dude threw some kind of ultra-light ball and the black haired guy shielded everyone and ended up dying, I think, and that's about all I got from that experience. Lots of yelling and jumping around and really intense faces... perhaps it makes more sense with some English.  Anyways, the kids were super cute, I kept the littlest one occupied with my scriptures and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet so Hna Robles could teach a quick message to the mom and older kid, and I gave my testimony at the end... always supposed to adapt the lessons to the people, huh?

Also it was funny, this one family we visited had a son that the dad needed to be home soon to go to a meeting, so he called him on the phone and I guess the son was like, "Hello, who is this?" because the dad answered, "Soy yo, tu papa" and I just thought that was the funniest thing in the world, partly because of how he said it, like it was obvious who he was, and partly because it translates over to something like "I am I, your dad" or "It is I, your dad"....families are the same wherever you go, pretty neat.
So yeah, tomorrow's Sunday! Whoohoo! hopefully our investigators will be able to come and we don't have to walk around in circles for 40 minutes in this blessed heat... but I'm planning to wear my ladybug outfit, so things should work out. Goodnight!

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