Monday, April 13, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015 -- Week #8, Day #52 San Pedro Sula

April 9, 2015  10:24 pm
2 Nephi 4:34 is a good scripture, I saw the reference on the wall in the mission office when we went and grabbed some paperwork to do before heading to the hospitals again.  click:  2 Nephi 4:34  And I have a lot of paperwork to do and insurance claims to file, everyone decides to get sick the week before and after transfers... silly missionaries.  But it's kinda fun, I go through the medical receipts and look up the missionary's birthday and name and insurance number etc, and fill out a beautiful form with all that and what happened medically, etc, it's like an eternal scavenger hunt.  
Large cactus that has grown into a
tree-like structure... very interesting!
Also, they have all the flowers from our family pictures at home's backgrounds here, so that's really nice to look around and see little bits of home, probably because it's a similar climate as Texas. We've got Plumbago and Lantana, and Pride of Barbados and that yellow bell-flower [Esperanza], and that viney-thing with the bright fuschia flower-leaves?  [Bougainvilleas]  Anyway, most of the plants that we keep as bushes in the states they let grow into trees here, so that's actually pretty neat, too, I'll have to take some pictures sometime.
We ended up teaching 2 lessons tonight, and the husband of one of our investigators is quite strong willed and objectionable to whatever we're teaching, so tonight's topic of one-sided discussion was the fact that somehow came up (remember I can't always understand what's being said sometimes) that as missionaries, were aren't supposed to be in love or whatever, we're here to serve the Lord, and the wife said that we were very obedient to the rules and thought that made sense, and somehow the husband has it in his head that our pastor or someone made up all the rules and that we follow the rules of man and not God, and where in the Bible does it make sense to disobey God and not be fruitful or whatever, and explain where in the Bible is the book of Moroni, who is this person, la-la-la-la... bless that man, but my goodness, you can feel the Spirit leave when he comes in the room, he just wants to contend.  So we don't.  But it is difficult to teach that family, though we keep coming by and trying.  So yeah, considering we are just a bunch of loveless hospital and mission office visitors, I think today went quite well, actually.

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