Monday, April 13, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 -- Week #7, Day #44 San Pedro Sula

April 1, 2015  7:02 am
Baby Andrea ~ 10 days old
So that was probably the nicest sleep I've had since I left home, dang that was good. The bed was incredibly comfy, and I haven't had one that nice in the CCM or probably for the rest of my mission, but I enjoyed my 9 hours of sleep in my bed of unreal comfortableness. 
So Hna Gutierrez is finishing up getting ready, and then I think we'll have breakfast and then take back off to the chapel thing to get our stuff and get started with the day, we need to have some more meetings and stuff, and meet our trainers and get some more meetings, and then we're off! So yeah, probably talk again tonight when I have a minute.
Last photo with my arrival group!

Meeting new Hermana's
at President Dester's house

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