Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015 -- Week #7, Day #49 San Pedro Sula

April 6, 2015  10:20 pm

Well, I had my 1st Preparation Day in Honduras, it was very nice. I finally got to write / email to my loved ones (sorry it's been a while and I couldn't get the computer to accept my USB cable... I'll try a different one next time... technology... guess I'll see just how much this little AlphaSmart can hold, huh?!)
Anyway, I hand-washed my clothes in the pila today, and that took about 2 hours, and I decided to count that as my exercise for the day... washerwomen have some powerful arms and hands!  But I enjoyed it, starting to feel like I'm living like someone in Honduras.
Also had lunch with two other companionships of sisters, so naturally we talked about boys and all the stuff that girls talk about when we get together in large groups for periods of time... fun stuff!
And had 2 visits, and watched the "Finding Faith in Christ" video click:  Finding Faith in Christ - video with la Familia Rios, and I noticed that in the Spanish version, when Christ heals the leper, after he said that if it be His will, He could make him clean, Christ answered, "Yo quiero", or "I want to", and I thought that was quite profound. Languages are so interesting, I'm blessed to be learning Spanish, and I did a lot better today, I'm getting really good at praying!  It turns out that our investigators usually like to have me pray, either because I'm white or I'm new, not quite sure which yet.  But I enjoy it, it's always good to talk to God and ask after the welfare of others.
Our house is the YELLOW one!

Streets in Honduras

Honduras skyline

But yeah, it was a good day, Hna Robles and I were on the phone a long time tonight because we had a slew of sick elders call in and need to go to the hospital or have doctor appointments tomorrow. So that's always fun. We seem to have more sick elderes than hermanas, mostly because they do stupid things or don't drink enough water. So I'm trying not to do stupid things and am drinking a lot of water so I don't get sick. Good thing my companion is the nurse!  So yeah, trying to not get sick is the key here, I absolutely hate being sick, and if I get some stupid disease with a fever or intestinal problems here in Honduras, I think I might kick a wall or something... and then pray for health and go promptly to bed and drink some more water.  But if I get sick sometime, I'll be OK and get through it and get back to my mission. Though I'd rather stay well!

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